How to handle rumors about yourself that are not true

You can walk into the local cafe up the street and overhear a woman talking on her cell phone about the latest local loadie as you stand in line at your local grocery store listening to the two men argue over why an unidentified third party told them both a different story. At the end of the day, these are rumors.

Handling rumors is rather easy, but the hard part to accept is that not everyone is going to be believe you. Even after you have proved yourself from every level of your being, some people are still going to question the fact of whether or not you are telling the truth.

So, how do you handle rumors about yourself that are not true?

You can a.) sit at home in front of the computer crying your eyes out, feeling sorry for yourself because of a lie a spiteful person created or you can b.) bring it up once, attempt to prove yourself by responding to the rumor, and simply let it go.

What would I do? - It's simple; I would simply bring it up once, respond to it, and simply let it go. I would either approach the person who created it or if it's something created using the internet; I would address it via blog and depending on the person or group who created it, I would simply ignore it. The worst thing you can do is feel sorry for yourself and get upset over someone's ignorance.

Think of it like this, those individuals who create rumors are lying to themselves and in denial of something. They will do what they can to devalue a person because they believe it can control the vast majority of status quo society's opinion. But the reality is, it is really just a waste of time and effort on their part. Most people who create rumors are those who simply hate you because of the way others love you. 

There are quite a few rumors that I have had to endure from past to present and although I have set the record straight, it seems as if some people forget it and still continue to speculate and ignore my attempts to address them. I have come to the conclusion that lies created by third parties are nothing more than a representation of the rumor spreader's decorum and actual persona. The rumors do not define me; however, it is clear they define the individual who created the rumor.

Dealing with rumors can be tough, but only if you allow them to be. Remember, there is no one in the world that knows you more than yourself. If you are going to allow another's lies about you to dictate and define you and who you are as a person let alone what you stand for, you are only hurting yourself. Look at the source. Treat those rumors as nothing, as they come from nothing because once you start allowing "nothing" to affect you and your life, you become them and that is definitely not a place you want to be.


Anonymous said…
The lies they are spreading about you and Joe are horrible. I am so sorry to hear you are a victim of cyberstalking and cyberbullying. You can definitely tell what they are trying to do and it is very sick. Most people can see it too.