Victoria's Secret: Pink Citrus with Patchouli + Seafoam with Galaxy Grape

When it comes to fashion-forward bra and panty sets, Victoria's Secret has immensely evolved as a brand. Recently, the brand has featured an extensive selection of bra and panty sets including these new additions to the Very Sexy collection - Pink Citrus with Patchouli Lace (P49) and the Seafoam with Galaxy Grape Lace (18R).

The bras are different from the original Very Sexy push-up, as they offer a very sensual lace material which gives a more lingerie appeal. They are gorgeous and fit like the classic, but as stated they are made for lingerie purposes due to their lace material. 

Would I recommend these two bra and panty sets? Absolutely. For more information about Victoria's Secret, simply click here.