Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, it looks like I am being impersonated. Why? I have no idea, but this looks like the first time I actually have someone using my identity and pretending to be me. At least to my knowledge. When I took the initiative to write to this person, they actually had the audacity to block me. I reported them for abuse. I am not sure if this is someone I know personally or just someone trying to make a joke and/or mockery of me, but it isn't funny. In fact, it is indirect cyberbullying (maybe even cyberstalking) and really pathetic. 

You will not believe this, but I saw a comment on Myspace bashing some guy and making comments about my lips. This is from the actual fake profile. What makes matters worse is that I saw the actual profile online as they were posting in the forums (it showed the active alert sign and said they were online). Based on the language, it sounds like someone who is uneducated and they are really making me look bad. The truncation looks like the person impersonating me is some attention starved low life.

I am a 26 year old woman who works two jobs. I have a full-time office job which I work during the day in Athens, GA and in the evening, I work at the Georgia Square Mall at a kiosk. I live with my pets and live across from the Wiggly Field (dog park) in Athens. I am really not that interesting for you to steal my identity. I am not a celebrity. I don't get it. Perhaps I won't ever "get it" as I cannot relate to the person doing it. And if you are actually reading this post (which I will assume you are) grow up.

What I find funny about it is they are using pictures of me from 2004. I don't even think I have those pictures on my computer anymore. I don't know whether to laugh and find this as a form of flattery or cry at the fact that some psycho is literally using my identity and I have no idea what they are doing, while using my name and image. I saw they created a few weird pages too while linking back to this one, so they definitely are reading this blog, including this blog post. I have contacted all platforms via email and am waiting on a response from them.

I have used ExoticSarah before, but not ExoticSarah1980. They are literally linking to my blog it looks like also, attempting to make it look like it is me which I previously addressed in the paragraph above. I've reported the profiles for abuse and impersonation/identity theft, so hopefully they are deleted and as I said previously have contacted the platforms directly by email. If nothing is done, I will definitely look into contacting some sort of litigator and getting everything they are posting taken down. If you see anything, please report them and send them links to this blog so I can contact them.

The whole thing is bizarre.

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