RIP Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith has officially died. I heard about the news hours ago. It is very sad to hear that she died. As the cause of death is unknown, many are speculating she died from a drug overdose. I am also hearing stories that some think Howard Stern murdered her; however, I am unsure if I believe that. 

Her son died of a drug overdose only several months ago in September of last year. It seems like yesterday when that happened. Sometimes I believe the guilt and sadness of this forced her to overdose. We can only speculate, as not many facts have been released regarding this. 

I really loved Anna Nicole Smith because she reminded me of a friend of mine I met back in 2003 who lived near me. This friend (her name was Michelle) looked like Anna Nicole Smith. She even talked like her also. She was also tall too. Every time I would see Anna Nicole Smith on television, I was reminded of Michelle. 

Although some of you may have thought Anna Nicole Smith was weird or even a little crazy, she was a human being who brought something unique to pop culture. She was beautiful and she didn't care what others thought. Regardless of the negative, she will be deeply missed by millions around the world.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith.