The role of the Swiss Federal Council

When it comes to the role of the Swiss Federal Council, there are quite a few things to contemplate. The Swiss Federal Council works as the primary decision maker and taker for Switzerland. As the council consists of about 7 members, who are part of the executive branch, each individual that makes up the council has a specific role they must follow, depending on their department in which they work, their general credentials and background and overall duties which apply.

Although, most of these roles are quite extensive and vary from individual to individual, the Swiss Federal Council provides a medium for all decisions. Members of the Swiss Federal Council are often compared to ministers in other forms of government, but that is traditionally in theory. The Swiss Federal Council is a rather discreet group for quite a few reasons, hence why their official website is private. Each member of the Swiss Federal Council belongs to a specific department, therefore; each member is in charge of those individual departments including votes and general decision making.

If you are from Switzerland and have an idea or want to talk to someone at the Swiss Federal Council, it is best to contact they directly or visit them in person (or offline), so they can set you up with the right Swiss Federal Council member, with the appropriate department.