Top 10 Gifts For Business Associates

When it comes to gift giving, there is a lot to ponder, especially when the recipient of that gift is a business associate. Not only do you have to weigh out the individual pros and cons of the gift, but you also think of how the gift will benefit the recipient and whether or not they already own it. You also want to make sure that the gift is as original as possible because no matter how amazing as it may appear through your dim scope, there is a distinct possibility the recipient may not only be receiving that same gift from another third party, but may actually already own it. Also, believe it or not, the gender of the recipient is also important, as it can kind of give you an idea of what they will like. One thing is certain, there are millions of gifts, however; I have decided to countdown the many gifts to only the top 10 best gifts of 2011 for business associates.

10. Global Magnetic Executive Puzzle. I don't know about you, but I love to receive gifts that are not only useful, but are addicting too. One of those gifts is definitely the Global Magnetic Executive Puzzle. The Global Magnetic Executive Puzzle comes with not one, but 72 magnetic puzzle pieces. The silver finish is very becoming, as it is simple yet untouched. Whether a man or a woman is the recipient of this gift, they are going to love it that much more. You also have the option to get the Global Magnetic Executive Puzzle imprinted. You can purchase the Global Magnetic Executive Puzzle on for just $24.95 + shipping and handling. There are no charges or fees for the first imprint, however; for the second imprint it costs about $1.25 per piece. E-Corporate Gifts has a policy that if you do purchase any items in imprint, there is a one time fee for the logo/design and it varies. This gift is individually gift boxed. Based on actual experience, I truly believe that business associates love these types of gifts because they are quite addicting. I think if I don't buy this for someone, I would seriously buy it for myself.

9. Computer Mouse. After searching and searching for that amazing gift, that gift that demonstrates imagination and inventiveness, for a business associate, I have come to the conclusion that the computer mouse is just one of those gifts. Not just any computer mouse, but a personalized computer mouse. If you are looking to purchase a gift for a business associate, you cannot go wrong with this one. The Computer Mouse is an USB optical mouse. With the pristine metallic silver finish, this gift is destined to be one of the hottest gifts any business associate would love to receive. It is so incredibly noticeable on any desk and proves why it is a continual reminder it is there. You can purchase the personalized Computer Mouse at your nearest Things Remembered store or kiosk. It is $25, but about $28 after it is personalized. You can choose from the Things Remembered library or create your own. This personalized Computer Mouse is also available on the official website Shipping charges differ and rates are levelheaded. One of the best things about shopping for anyone is discovering amazing gifts. Luckily for those looking to purchase for fellow business associates, this is one of those gifts.

8. Stock. One of the best gifts one can receive is the gift of stock. As practical as it may not seem, it truly is because let's face it, every individual corporation, partnership, and proprietor out there is controlled by a person, people, or group of individuals who own a certain amount of stock shares. The year is 2011 and the demand for purchasing, as well as, owning stock continues to grow. Why not give your fellow business associate a gift that not only gives them, but allows them to have a piece of ownership? There are so many companies to choose from, however; I have found that One Share offers you great choices, providing an all-embracing list of companies to choose from. You can also show your gift in a tangible sense by framing your actual stock, proving that the recipient of the gift is a certified stockholder. For more information visit right now. Prices vary and one of the things I love about One Share is the fact they allow you to search by price. Prices start at just $30 and go up to over $1,000. Choose wisely. I don't know about you, but I would love to receive the gift of stock.

7. Rubik's Cube. The best thing about discovering a wonderful gift is knowing it is the one and this is that type of gift. Having the "It" factor, this Rubik's Cube is not just any kind of Rubik's Cube, but a Rubik's Cube that is personalized with pictures. Can you imagine? There is no better puzzle on the planet than the Rubik's Cube. No matter what type of relationship you have with your business associate, if you can get 6 of their favorite photos, you can personalize a Rubik's Cube just for them. Each photo will then be separated into nine small squares. High quality images make this item incredible and what a better way to show the business associate in your life how much you appreciate them with this very inspired, yet unique gift. 900x900 or 1500x1500 pixels are recommended. You can purchase this amazing personalized Rubik's Cube item at your nearest Personalization Mall or on the official website for $29.95. I don't know about you, but I think this just may be an item I would buy for not only a business associate, but for myself too.

6. Internet Phone. Searching for a great gift is not only overwhelming, but time consuming. Not everyone has the time nor the patience to search in a store for one. Recently, when shopping at Sharper Image in McLean, VA at the Tyson's Corner Mall. I had the opportunity to discover a gift that is just outstanding. Not only is it one of the hottest necessities in technology right now, more than likely you probably haven't heard of it. The Internet Phone. Not only will this phone save time, but energy too. It is also incredibly cost efficient, while remaining highly effective, as a result. Not only does it feature a lighted clock, so you can see the time, it also features temperature too. How cool is that? It is also compatible with just about every computer system (whether PC or Mac) and Operating System, making it an incredibly flexible gift. The Internet Phone is available at your nearest Sharper Image store or on the official website for under $50. Technology continues to change dramatically and what a better to show the recipient a great way to appreciate such. The Internet phone is the next big thing. Save money and time.

5. Executive Buckyballs Magnetic Puzzle Game. It's hard to believe the holidays are approaching. I always love discovering great gifts, especially during this type of year. One of the best gifts I recently had the opportunity to find is definitely the Executive Buckyballs Magnetic Puzzle Game. What I love most about this puzzle game is the fact that this game is so originally intriguing on so many wavelengths. How many puzzle games include over 200 pieces that are made up of actual black nickel, gold, and silver? If that doesn't get anymore original, I don't know what does. Shape shifting is so addicting and anyone who receives this gift is not going to not only love, but appreciate much more so. It is addicting and so much fun! You can purchase the Executive Buckyballs Magnetic Puzzle Game at your nearest Brookstone store or on the official website for just $37.99. Gift wrap is available for just $6.95 which saves time, especially for those that are looking for something that is not only efficient, but effective. After searching for numerous gifts for business associates, I have come to the conclusion that this puzzle game is one of the best of 2011.

4. Hour Glass Water Globe. When it comes to choosing an incredible gift for a business associate, there is a lot to contemplate. You can ponder those "What Ifs" as much as you want, but in the end, you are going to have to purchase something regardless and what a better way to do so then to purchase the Hour Glass Water Globe. Available at Things Remembered, this personalized recognition globe truly speaks from the heart, allowing you to personalize the recipients name and other information for a small fee. You can choose to personalize it using their extensive library of personalizations or you can write your own. The Hour Glass Water Globe is also addicting, as you will want to tip it over and see the bright blue liquid with silver glitter reflects swoosh over to the other side. The Hour Glass Water Globe costs about $65 and is available at your nearest Things Remembered store or kiosk. After it is personalized, it costs about $74. It is also available on the official website Shipping charges vary and are quite reasonable. If you are looking to make a long-lasting impression and creating everlasting memories as a result, this is the gift for you.

3. Curved Calculator Pen Stand. The holidays are approaching and as time continues, so does the exigency to purchase a great gift for a business associate. One of the best gifts a business associate can receive is definitely the Curved Calculator Pen Stand. You can also personalize it, making it a gift that protrudes ingenuity on numerous levels. Not only does the Curved Calculator Pen Stand include a LCD Calculator, it also includes a spinning clock, as well as, photo frame. Let's not forget that this item also includes a beautiful polished silver point pen, which demonstrates why this gift is not only high-end, but the ultimate gift for business associates and co workers. The Curved Calculator Pen Stand is available at your nearest Things Remembered store or kiosk for just $35. Standard personalized rates apply, but are incredibly affordable. It is also available on the official website Shipping rates do apply when you purchase this item online, however; they are reasonable overall. If you are looking for a great gift for a business associate, I highly recommend this one. Under $40?! I think so! I don't think I can name one person that I work with that would not appreciate the Curved Calculator Pen Stand.

2. 4 GB Gold Bar USB Keychain. Someone (a business associate to be exact) recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas? Although I am grateful to receive just about anything decent, I was not reluctant to mention the 4 GB Gold Bar USB Keychain to her. I think if I were to receive any gift, I would find this one incredibly potent yet useful. The 4 GB Gold Bar USB Keychain holds important files and documents, while it remains attached to your important keys. Made with zinc and alloy, this amazing gift for a business associate actually replicates an actual gold bar. How cool is that? The 4 GB Gold Bar USB Keychain is available at your nearest Things Remembered store or kiosk. You can also purchase this incredible Things Remembered addition on the official website, It is $45, but currently on sale for just $29.99. Standard personalization, as well as, shipping & handling rates do apply. If you have weighed the pros and the cons and are still confused as to what gift to give, you cannot go wrong with this one, as it should be in your bag right now. The holidays are coming and before you know it, time will be up. I guarantee anyone who receives this gift, especially a business associate is going to love it.

…and the number one gift of 2011 for business associates is…

*drum roll*

1. Digital Decision Maker. The moment you have to been waiting for. What is the best gift of 2011 for a business associate? Clearly the Digital Decision Maker. After searching for the perfect gift, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best one. I have weighed the pros and cons and have discovered that the Digital Decision Maker has absolutely no cons at all. All you do is ask a question and the Digital Decision Maker answers it for you. There are a total of 12 individual responses and with every response from "Go For It" or "No Way", you have to love this amazing gift. The Digital Decision Maker also includes a clock, as well as, pen stand, plus an area just for your personalized message. You can choose a message from the Things Remembered library or create your own. Whether it be an actual message, a name, or even a phrase, it's all in great fun and definitely a gift that will make an impact on whoever receives it. The Digital Decision Maker is available at your nearest Things Remembered store or kiosk. It is also available on the official website It costs about $35. Personalization and standard shipping & handling rates apply after actual price. This is a modern day "Magic 8 Ball." It's exciting, fun, and most importantly, the hottest gift of 2011 for business associates. Looking to purchase the best? This gift is it! I am hoping someone gets me this gift this year. *hint hint*


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