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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Victoria's Secret Store Reviews: Holiday Village Mall in Great Falls, MT

Victoria's Secret at the Holiday Village Mall
in Great Falls, MT.
On May 23, 2014 (a few months ago from today) I decided to travel to Great Falls, Montana where I had the pleasure of shopping at Victoria's Secret. Located in the heart of Great Falls on 1200 10th Avenue S at the Holiday Village Mall, I was very interested yet determined to find some panties to match some bras that I purchased from the Victoria's Secret website.

As I entered this particular store, I noticed that I was not greeted instantaneously. I noticed that several associates were helping other customers, so of course I walked my way over to the Very Sexy collection where I proceeded to browse the bras in my size. As I browsed, I was greeted by an associate named Sierra.

When it comes to shopping, I am always observing what is going on around me. Especially if I find myself compelled to write a review about my experience later on. I noticed that the store was quite small, but not as small as the store in Bozeman. Regardless of it's size, it was clean and neat.

As I contemplated and debated purchasing a yellow bra that I noticed, I was quite struck by the sale going on in the middle of the store. I love shopping and am always in search of a great deal, so I procceed to check out the individual containers with the bras in it. Although the selection in my size consisted of bras that I already purchased previously, it was great to find quite a few marked down that I found interesting on the official website.

I really enjoyed shopping at this particular store because Sierra was very courteous. She was helpful in a sense that she was not trying to push the sale nor was she ignoring or neglecting me as a VS consumer. I was modestly impressed with her attitude, as well as, information and knowledge of the merchandise.
Victoria's Secret Store #50776.

That day, I made several purchases which consisted of a Dream Angel push-up bra in a bright red (I think the color is cherry, but I am not sure), a Fabulous push-up bra (I am unsure of the color, but it was like a gold) and about four different panties (two cheeky styles, one hip hug style, and one g-string). The total came to $99.96. I saved $10 because I used a discount I achieved by reviewing my last in-store purchase.

Victoria's Secret at Holiday Village Mall (store #50776) is open Monday through Friday from 10 am until 9 pm, Saturday from 10 am until 7 pm, and Sunday from 11 am until 6 pm. Would I shop at this Victoria's Secret store again? Would I recommend shopping at this store to a friend? The next time you go in, ask for Sierra. For more information about this store, please call (406) 454-9161 today.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Victoria's Secret Store Reviews: Gallatin Valley Mall in Bozeman, MT

Victoria's Secret at the Gallatin
Valley Mall in Bozeman, MT.
On April 12, 2014 (a few months ago from today) I decided to pay a visit to the Victoria's Secret store in Bozeman, Montana. Located in the heart of Bozeman on 2825 W. Main Street at the Gallatin Valley Mall, I was determined to find some panties to match some bras that I purchased from the Victoria's Secret website.

As I approached the Victoria's Secret, I was greeting by the associates. They were very courteous yet attentive. I was actually surprised at how swift I was approached. One of the associates who went by Liz was extremely helpful.

I looked around the store to kind of observe the ambience and was pleasantly surprised to see how clean the store was. Everything was nice and neat. I noticed that the store itself was relatively small, as it consisted of three giant rooms. The Victoria's Secret store in Bozeman is definitely one of the smallest stores I have been to.

When I first spoke with Liz, she was adding inventory to the store and folding panties out near the display. I informed her that I needed some panties to match some bras that I purchased from the website. It was then that proceeded to pull out my iPhone and show her images of the bras that I purchased.

She was extremely helpful and even suggested several things to me, hence why I felt influenced to purchase other items that I wasn't looking for. In fact, I ended up making several "unplanned" purchases that day.

My only negative was that most of these women that work at this particular store did not possess strong product knowledge. When I would mention certain colors such as "Sunset Glow" or "Neon Apricot", I felt like they didn't have a lot of knowledge of the merchandise, as I am unsure they knew what I was talking. This, of course, can be improved in due time.
A look inside Victoria's Secret store #51220.

That day, I made several purchases which consisted of a Very Sexy push-up bra in Pink Daisy, a Close Up push-up bra in a bright pink color, about five different panties (two hip hug styles, one bikini, one thong, and one brief) followed by a garter thong in Lilac Glitz to match the bra I purchased. The total came to $186.50, however; I paid $176.50, as I used my Victoria's Secret rewards card (-$10).

Victoria's Secret at the Gallatin Valley Mall (store #51220) is open Monday from 10 am until 5 pm, Tuesday through Friday from 10 am until 9 pm, Saturday from 10 am until 9 pm, and Sunday 11 am until 5 pm. Would I shop at this Victoria's Secret store again? Absolutely. I was treated quite well and I intend to go back. Would I recommend shopping at this store to a friend? Most definitely. The next time you go in, ask for Liz. For more information about this store, please call (406) 582-8090 today.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park 2012

Yellowstone is such a fascinating place. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit, I truly recommend visiting today. You will never see a place like this ever in your lifetime. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I spent the entire day yesterday at Yellowstone

I truly apologize for not keeping you as updated as I should be. Life does get busy, however; in the end, I should always include you in my life. So, as I am off for a few days from work, I decided to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park yesterday. 

I entered the park via West Yellowstone, where they held their "crazy day" event which was manifested with great deals on souvenirs, as well as, food and other fun. I also managed to run into friends and acquaintances when walking through the areas. Despite being relatively scorching hot, I had a great time. 

I didn't see everything (which is truly impossible for just a one-day-trip), but managed to see the things that I wanted to see for quite a while including the Steamboat Geyser, the largest active geyser in the world and at Yellowstone. I am getting a new laptop, so I will post pictures soon. In the mean time, I hope you are doing great and I promise that I will do my best to blog more.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and day. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sad day for University of Montana...

The University of Montana has fired athletic director Jim O’Day and head football coach Robin Pflugrad.

Assistant athletic director Greg Sundberg sent this notice to the Grizzly Scholarship Association board of directors this morning:

“It is with great sadness that I inform you all that this morning our Athletic Director, Jim O'Day and Head Football Coach Robin Pflugrad were released of their duties as of 8:00 a.m. this morning. It will be a very difficult time for all of us in the coming days and I would ask that you stay positive."

“As more information comes out, I will be sure to let you know. At this point and time this is all that I know.”

The Missoulian was able to contact Pflugrad on his way out of the Adams Center shortly before noon. The coach confirmed that he had been dismissed, but would not discuss it further - saying he wants to speak with members of the football team first.

Read more:

What I think...

The sexual crime (rape) is not even the coach's discrepancy. Unlike the Sandusky case at PSU that involved witnesses and testimony, this actual tribulation didn't even occur on school grounds (or in the locker room, etc), where there were witnesses. He should not be fired for this. The crime itself is malum in se and doesn't even involve the coach. The only thing the coach is guity of is upping the stance of an alleged rapist.

Plus, until the crime is proved beyond a reasonable doubt (whether that evidence that physically surfaced is plausible to support any case) there is no reason to fire the coach simply because the appropriate actions were taken instantaneously. The suspension, the investigation, etc etc. The coach should not be fired, unless someone claims that the coach was aware before the procedure took place.

Why would the coach be fired? They (the school board) cannot fire the coach unless he was aware of the allegations before the action was taken. Sad to say, but you don't have to be in the courtroom to know that they are firing the him simply because he (more than likely) failed to report the allegations brought to his attention about the alleged rape. It is horrible and in due time, I am hoping that his job is reinstated. The man who allegedly raped the girl, the charges brought against him were dropped. If they were not, I can kind of understand why the board took the actions they did. However; the charges were dropped and right now, they are allegations at this point. They have no reason to fire him.
What I believe the coach can do? He (the coach) can sue/countersue the school because the guy who is the alleged rapist is not being charged for the crime at this moment. The charges were dropped. It would be different if he is guilty, but right now these are allegations, they are not fact. Until this becomes factual and he is actually charged with the crime, he is not guilty.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So today I went hiking...

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Today, after I returned back home to Montana, I decided that I didn't want "adventure" but that I needed it. I really wanted to go hiking today, so most of the day was spent doing just that. Despite being relatively chilly (it never really starts to warm up in Montana until late June) I still managed to enjoy it. I actually prefer the weather to be cooler when engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, etc.

Anyways, instead of writing an entire dissertation about my adventurous day, here is a picture that I had the opportunity to take with my phone. Just another reason to not only love Montana, but appreciate much more so.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best Ski Resorts in the Western Part of the United States (The Top 3)

Skiing is one of my favorite past times and as an enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to discover some of the best ski resorts in the great west. One thing is certain, there are hundreds upon hundreds of great ski resorts in the west alone, so I have decided to narrow down the numerous ski resorts to only the best in the west.

3. Whitefish Mountain Resort. Back in 2009 I had the greatest pleasure of not only discovering, but skiing at one of the greatest ski resorts, Whitefish Mountain Resort. Whitefish Mountain Resort is located in the beautiful Whitefish, Montana. There are a total of four individual parks. One of the most popular is the Fishbowl Terrains (which includes the Magic Park, Depot Terrain Park, Armory Park, Central Ave Park, The Fishbowl Quiver, and Goat Haunt Skier Cross/Boarder Cross Course). are the most exciting in the entire park. They also include 12 individual rails, making it that much more exciting. There are many different trails, as there are maps available.

Don't forget to check out the Ski & Snowboard School (which offers a great deal of 2 days for just $72), especially if you are a first time skier, looking to learn from some of the best skiers in the world today. It is a well known fact that prices will vary, however; there are many deals available. The events at Whitefish Mountain Resort are fun, including the various amount of events in December including one of the most exciting parades I have ever seen in my life, Santa's Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade which happens on the 24 th of the month. There are numerous attractions in Whitefish and the events are nothing in comparison to that. There are a lot of great eateries such as Base Lodge Bar & Café, Ed & Mully's, The Bierstube, Aunt B's, Summit House, Village Market, and more.

For more information about the Whitefish Mountain Resort, simply call: 1-800-858-4152 or (406) 862-2900 right now. You can also visit for more information too. Looking to ski at the best in the west, why not give Whitefish Mountain Resort a try, as it is clearly one of the best.

2. Vail Ski Resort. Vail Ski Resort is located in the heart of Vail, Colorado. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Vail when I passed through Aspen, Colorado and managed to stop on my way back to Montana via road trip. With three major terrain parks alone (Golden Peak Terrain Park, Bwana Terrain Park, and Terrain Park Safety), Vail clearly proves why it is one of the best ski resorts in the west. The Vail Ski Resort includes over 30 individual lifts alone and if you can imagine the total uphill capacity is over 59,000 making it a relatively large ski resort. There are many trails and maps are available.

Make sure that when you visit the Vail Ski Resort that you check out Ski and Snowboarding school too. There are numerous tourist attractions to also visit, including an array of restaurants such as Bistro Fourteen, The 10 th , Game Creek, Wildwood Restaurant, Golden Peak Grill, and much more. Some of the best anticipated events happen in December (Snow Daze, Vail Family Holidaze) and go on until February (Carnivail) and April (Spring Back To Vail).

For more information about the Vail Ski Resort, simply call: (970) 754-8245 today. You can also visit for more information. Like all other ski resorts, prices do vary. There are all kinds of special deals available. Whether you are an enthusiast, a connoisseur, or just someone looking to engage in the sport for the very first time, Vail Ski Resort will guide you in the right direction, as it is clearly one of the best ski resorts in the west. In between 2010 and 2011 alone, Vail Ski Resort had it's highest amount of visitors at 1,750,000.

1. Big Sky Resort. I first discovered this ski resort when I moved to Montana back in 2009. It remains to be one of my favorite places to visit in the Winter. For those of you that do not know, Big Sky Resort is located in Big Sky, Montana. Not only does Big Sky Resort offer some of the best downhill skiing topography (areas such as Lone Mountain and Flat Iron Mountain) in the great west alone, it also offers extensive areas for cross country skiing too. Whether you are a novice and beginner or a master and expert, Big Sky Resort has a little something for everyone.

With 18 individual lifts (Cascade, Challenger, Dakota, Derringer, Explorer, Headwaters, Iron Horse, Little Thunder, Lone Moose, Lone Peak, Lone Peak Tram, Lone Tree, Pony Express, Ramcharger, Six Shooter, Shedhorn, Southern Comfort, Swift Current, Thunder Wolf, and White Otter) and over 150 trails alone (and there are way too many to list here, but luckily there are maps available), Big Sky is destined to be one of the best skiing spots in the west. Big Sky Resort also has 5 individual service lifts, as well. The Summit (Lone Peak) is the highest in elevation at a little over 11,165 feet.

Despite being relatively large, it is a well known fact that Big Sky Resort has a lift capacity of 29,000 skiers per hour. Just make sure that when you visit the Big Sky Resort, that you do not hesitate to check out the International Big Sky school, among the many great tourist attractions including Yellowstone National Park which is close by. Lodging and dining are a must, as there are over 20 establishments to choose from just in the area alone. Olympic bronze medalist Bryon Wilson is known to frequent the Big Sky Resort often, so don't be surprised if you run into him.

For more information about the Big Sky Resort, simply call: 1-800-548-4486 right now. You can also visit for more information. Prices vary, but special deals are available. If you are looking to ski in one of the best ski resorts in the west, you cannot go wrong with the Big Sky Resort.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Medical Marijuana Reform - Does the Montana State Legislative Really Support It?

Interview with Tawnya LaFond, a medical marijuana caregiver from Butte, MT who discusses the relevance and importance of medical marijuana reform for the state of Montana and why offering it is a good idea.

If you cannot see the video, simply CLICK HERE right now.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Outpost Restaurant in West Yellowstone, MT - Moderately Disappointing

The Montana Outpost Restaurant in West Yellowstone, MT.
As it comes to dining in West Yellowstone, the decisions are almost endless. With an estimate of over 4 million visitors a year, Yellowstone National Park remains to be one of the largest attractions in the country. Before entering the actual park, I was relatively hungry. I did not eat lunch and therefore; was in search of a great eatery. After pondering what I was actually in the mood for, I noticed when driving by an array of restaurants, one sparked up my interest, the Outpost Restaurant. Recently, when visiting Yellowstone National Park, I had the opportunity of not only discovering the Outpost Restaurant, but eating lunch there. 

When you first enter this eatery, you will notice that the tables are slightly modern, with a western influence. One area of the restaurant consisted of mainly booths, as the other area of the restaurant consisted of mainly tables. The ambiance was made up of timeless memorabilia that ranged from old cereal boxes to pre contemporary art deco. I must say that it was rather interesting to look at. I wasn't in the mood for salad, although the salad did look fairly appetizing, as the ingredients on the buffet looked rather fresh.

After I sat down, I was greeted and then approached with a menu. Even though there was already water with ice on the table, I decided to order a soda. I couldn't decide what I wanted, so after the waitress delivered my soda, she gave me more time to think about what I wanted to order. I am a lacto ovo vegetarian, so going into any restaurant, you must be willing to take a risk because options may be potentially slim. As I browsed through the menu, I noticed that the options were, in fact slim. Although, the salad bar looked like a decent salad bar, I was not in the mood for salad.

Most meat oriented eateries tend to have at least one entr©e that is meatless or caters to a vegetarian lifestyle. There was nothing at the Outpost Restaurant that I could eat, but the salad bar. Then, when I actually walked up to the salad bar, I noticed a variety of made up salads such as chicken salad, that were pre-made with meat already in them. When I walked back to my seat, I glanced at the menu again. There was nothing. I knew I had to order something so I went with the club sandwich. I asked the waitress to substitute the meat for extra cheese and to add veggies to the sandwich. She did not hesitate to let me know that she only had only certain vegetables available. "No, we don't have that" she would reply after almost every question I had. The salad bar had an array of vegetables on it, which did not make any sense to me why a vast majority of the vegetables I inquired about were not available.

She offered me two choices of bread and asked what kind I wanted. As I pondered my options between white or wheat, I decided to go with the wheat bread. I mentioned that I would like some mayonnaise on my sandwich. She brought out the sandwich and it looked incredibly enticing, but simple, as if it could have been made at home. I had asked previously if she could add some black olives on the club sandwich, but despite not putting them on it, she did manage to bring out a small rim saucer bowl of them. The veggie club sandwich was over $11 and although it was good at the time, it was not worth $11. I've had better club sandwiches in dives that were dollars cheaper. I don't like writing poor reviews, however; I must state that I was a little dissatisfied.

The Outpost Restaurant is open everyday from 6:30 am until 10:30 am. Would I recommend the Outpost Restaurant to a friend? Yes, but only if they engage in a meat-free eating lifestyle. If one of my friend's happens to be a vegetarian, I would not recommend the Outpost Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Would I eat at Outpost Restaurant again? Perhaps, but only if they add more of a vegetarian selection on the menu. As of today, the Outpost Restaurant was moderately disappointing.

Outpost Restaurant
115 Yellowstone Avenue
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
(406) 646-7303

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beaverhead County Fair 2011 Kicks Off on Tuesday, August 30th

On Tuesday, August 30 th through Monday, September 5 th 2011 Dillon, MT will have their annual Beaverhead County Fair. It is the biggest weekend that Beaverhead County has ever seen, as it is one of the most exciting weekends in Montana. It gives many people the opportunity to have a great time, as it brings nothing, but fun and excitement. There are no other places that hold such a huge Labor Day weekend as this one. This amazingly fun fair is located at the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds, which is located in Dillon, MT. Admission to get into the Beaverhead County Fair is only $5, however; once you receive the button, you are guaranteed to use it for the entire week.

Before the actual Beaverhead County Fair takes place on the 30 th of August, there are an array of deadlines, as well as, shows and contests that need to be meant. For instance, those that intend to enter your livestock into the fair must do so on Monday, August 15 th at 5 pm. On Monday, August 22 nd at 8 am the Beaverhead County and Melrose 4-H Show will be head at the Harry Andrus Arena. On Wednesday, August 24 th at 3 pm the 4-H will hold it's Small Animal Skill-A-Thon. On Thursday, August 25 th at 6 pm, the Open Class Dog Obedience Show sponsored by the 4-H will be held.

Another reason to love the Beaverhead County Fair is the fact that you can enter an array of things into the Fair. On Tuesday, August 30 th from 10 am until 8 pm, all open class entries will be accepted into the fair. This only includes non-animal entries. The entries can include everything from art to food to photography to sewing to posters, and much more. For more information, please call: (406) 683-3785 or (406) 683-6836. What I love most about the fair is the fact that you can see an array of animals that range from goats and sheep to chicken and ducks to rabbits and horses to even cattle and much more throughout the entire Beaverhead County Fair.

My favorite thing about the Beaverhead County Fair is the carnival sponsored by the Thomas Carnival Company. On Thursday, September 1 st through Sunday, September 4 th be prepared for the actual carnival, which allows you to not enjoy some of the hottest rides for both adults and children, but play array of games and enjoy some of the finest carnival food that the Beaverhead County Fair has to offer. Advance sales in wristbands are available starting Monday, August 15 th . Prices vary per ride, however; you can get specials which allow you to pay $20 for unlimited riding.

The fair has a huge vendor following, as there are numerous businesses located on the walkway towards the carnival. You can purchase almost everything. The food selection is as diverse as the individual who eats it. You can find food of just about every cuisine at the Beaverhead County Fair, including food that is not regularly available in Beaverhead County. A lot of small businesses from all around the world (yes world) come to enjoy the fair and sell their products and/or services.

There is a fun karaoke contest sponsored by an array of businesses which gives fair goers the opportunity to win $1,000. It is held by Boots Country and hosted by both Boots and Harvey Lake. The contest starts on Wednesday, August 31 st through Friday, September 2 nd . It starts at around 10 pm. It costs about $10 to enter. The money goes towards the $1,000 prize. Each night, there are an array of winners picked. Each winner, then, goes onto the next round to compete for the $1,000 prize.

With everything from team roping to ranch sorting to stock horse shows to even a variety of rodeos, Dillon Montana is the place to be on Labor Day. The Dillon Jaycees Rodeo starts at 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 3 rd and 1:30 pm on Sunday, September 4 th . The Dillon Jaycees Concert welcomes Craig Morgan, who will perform at 8 pm on Sunday, September 4 th . For more information about the rodeo, as well as, purchasing tickets to see Craig Morgan, please call: (406) 683-5771.

The Labor Day parade in Beaverhead County is one of the biggest Labor Day parades I have ever seen. It is held on Monday, September 5 th at 10 am. On that same day is the Big N' Rich Jackpot which is held at the Badly Scattered Cattle Company Arena at 2 pm.

For anyone looking to enjoy an amazing time, I truly recommend attending the Beaverhead County Fair in Dillon, MT, as it is destined to be one of the best Labor Day weekends in the United States.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The first total Lunar Eclipse of 2011

The first total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 occurred on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011. In case you are wondering what a Lunar Eclipse actually is, it is simply when the moon hides from the sun and manages to allign itself with the earth, by hiding behind it. The premise is based primarily on safety, as this prevents the moon from enduring any harmful rays that the sun possesses.

Although, the Lunar Eclipse was present in many other areas of the world such as United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Hungary, Czech Republic, and different areas of Western Australia, where the eclipse managed to be incredibly visible, you could still view this astrological phenomenom every area around the world. In fact, I managed to get some pictures from my bedroom window in the late hours of the night here in Dillon, MT. Although the quality is not the best, the Lunar Eclipse is still relatively visible in these images.

From a distance, without zoom. Although it is moon is visible, you cannot see the details, let alone inclusions of the moon. All you see a bright moon.

Once I managed to zoom in, I got a good shot. This was zooming in 13 times.

Zooming in 26 times.

The first Eclipse of this year was a Solar Eclipse, which occurred in early January. The Solar Eclipse can only be viewed within moderation, as only certain areas can view it, whereas; the Lunar Eclipse can be viewed everywhere. The second total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 is expected to occur on Saturday, December 10th, 2011. Once this occurs, the next Lunar Eclipse is anticipated to be not be seen until 2014.