Angela Spicer's ex Larry Coon was murdered

Larry Coon with Sandy Moore, the woman who
murdered him. 
As many of you may or may not be aware, I had a friend named Angela Spicer who sadly passed away about two years ago at the age of 35. She was one of the nicest girls I have ever met. You can read about her here. I recently discovered her ex boyfriend of 6 years, Larry Coon was murdered a few days ago in Dillon, Montana by a young woman he was dating named Sandy Moore who is only 19 years old. 

Truth be told, I do not like disrespecting anyone who is deceased, as I am a firm believer of letting one rest in peace; however, I must be honest when I say that Larry Coon was a scumbag. As much as I don't want to share this because I despise victim blaming in any shape or form, the truth is he use to starve Angela and lock her into a room for days without food and water. He also use to do other disgusting things which I will not share on this blog as they are far too graphic to discuss. Angela had a dark story of her own which is what prevented her from officially leaving him. Angela was also on a lot of medication and couldn't really make a decision because she depended highly on Larry. It wasn't until Clint Wegner came into her life that she decided to actually leave Larry and better her life.

A year after Angela died (last year), Larry set up multiple Go Fund Me and Patreon accounts attempting to cash in on Angela's death, when Angela didn't speak to him for years prior. And although the accounts have since been deleted, there were actual people who donated to him believing his story. He didn't have any money and was completely directionless not to mention had a thing for women who were much younger than him. 

I don't know the backstory regarding what happened to make 19 year old Sandy Moore snap, but according to the police reports she bragged about strangling him and killing him to multiple people before confessing to the crime. Then, she proceeded to hide his dead body in their laundry room under a sheet. For days she denied he was there, when people began to question where he was including close friends. When police arrived on the seen, they noticed his body in between the washer and dryer with a plastic bag covering his head. 

Sandy Moore has been charged with deliberate homicide. Additionally, 23 year old Cristina VanDuinen and 56 year old Kerry "Sam" Johnson were both charged with obstruction of justice, where both will face felony charges for their contribution to the crime. Both Moore and VanDuinen are currently being held for $200,000 bond and Johnson is currently being held for a bond of $100,000. Their cases will begin soon in district court. 

Moore actually killed someone else in the Sheridan area and bragged about killing that person to multiple people, so it isn't the first time she has killed someone. Now I am unsure if she killed them in Sheridan, Montana or Sheridan, Wyoming. Angela was from Sheridan, Wyoming, but unfortunately died in Nevada back in 2018. 

A lot of people who lived near Larry and Moore claimed they would hear both of them fighting frequently. I believe this is true because this is his modus operandi, as he use to fight with Angela many times. Sometimes over nothing at all. I remember calling Angela on the phone and he was yelling at her because he wanted her to go to store. 

According to reports Sandy Moore killed Larry originally by strangling him. Sadly, Sandy Moore was a victim of 60 year old Rodney Lee Zahn who abducted her in 2016 when she was just 16. She has always had anger which could have been her motivation for killing Larry, although living with a person of his decorum, it just may be what originally set her off. Either way, it is beyond sinister and I am in no way taking any sides because at the end of the day, no matter how vile Larry is, the person who killed him is even more disgusting for killing him. She should have just left. 

What makes this even more bizarre is Angela was found dead January 12, 2018. Larry was found dead January 12, 2020. 


Anonymous said…
So disturbing! I got weird chills just reading this. Where in Montana did this happen?
Anonymous said…
Did this happen in Dillion, Montana? I guess karma is real.
Anonymous said…
I am Larry’s cousin. He use to work for your mother. I remember meeting you back in 2011 at the fair. I had no idea Angela died. Our family is very sad about the passing of Larry. Larry had anger issues and a lot of his illness stems from being in Vietnam. He fought in Vietnam. He was a real hero.
True Crime Addict said…
Sandy Moore could have been the next Aileen Wuornos but she was just way too stupid.
Anonymous said…
Sandy Moore Is from Sheridan, Montana. She was a nice girl but had severe developmental delays. She had a hard family life and was actually abducted when she was younger. Sheridan Montana has 700 people, it’s weird that nobody’s ever been missing. We don’t know that Sandy actually said that! That came secondhand from the other girl. It’s a sad situation all the way around.She should have never been anywhere near Larry Coon! You can say what you want, but I know a lot of great men in my life, and none of them are 49 years old sleeping with 19-year-old handicapped girls!