NikkieTutorials comes out as transgender

NikkieTutorials in her "I'm Coming Out" video. 
One of my favorite YouTubers Nikkie de Jager, who is known by NikkieTutorials recently came out as transgender. After seeing the news on Twitter regarding this yesterday, I decided to check out the video because I honestly did not believe it at first. It isn't because I am homophobic (because I am clearly not) it is because I never entertained the idea of this ever be a possibility.

Nikkie starts the video off as she normally does and at around 1:20 in the video she announces she is transgender. Then, she continues to let the world know how much better she feels letting us know who she truly is. I started to get teary eyed simply because I have been watching her for over five years on YouTube. I always thought she was incredibly talented, so this video was definitely unexpected. 

About 13:45 in the video, Nikkie mentions the darkness of why she refrained from coming out and proceeds to go on about how she was blackmailed into actually making the video. When I was writing with Examiner, I remember being contacted by someone in 2016 who claimed they had "dirt" on NikkieTutorials; however, I ignored it simply because I found it to be irrelevant. Truth be told, Nikkie is one of the most talented indie makeup artists on the platform and her coming out as trans doesn't change that fact. 

So, what do I think?

I am not transgender, so I cannot comment on what Nikkie has to go through on a daily basis because I simply do not know. And if you are not a transsexual, you really don't know either. What I do know is; however, life without happiness is like the earth without the sun. I believe Nikkie deserves to be happy and she stated relentlessly throughout the video that being a woman makes her happy. 

I believe she should be whoever she chooses to be because in the end, it makes her happy. If you can't be happy in life, you won't live the life you want and as a result, you will only suffer. Time magazine published an article in Fall of 2018 called "The Idea of a 'DNA Test' for Transgender People Is Part of a Long, Dark History" which breaks down the connection between genes that live on in the chromosomes and how they play a role in gender identity and dysphoria.

To want someone to suffer for something they cannot help is extremely ignorant, especially if what they choose is not harming you. It isn't like she is a predator and her choice is harming someone. Do I think NikkieTutorials woke up one day and said "I want to be a girl today?" Absolutely not. I believe this is a woman who was biologically born male, but has always felt like a woman. As a result, she felt angry the same way other trans people feel. And again, I don't know what they are going through so I cannot comment, but I can say that they have the right to be who they are because to want otherwise would be undermining their rights and freedom as people. 

Everyone has a choice, as everyone has a voice, and it is crucial to understand that our world is not just black and white. Looking at the world one-dimensionally will not help you understand our world nor the people who live in it either. Instead of embracing fear for those things you do not understand, learn about them. And if they aren't affecting you nor harming you, don't judge them. Let those people live because at the end of the day, they are still human beings like the rest of us.


Anonymous said…
Well said! Very true. I could not agree more. I think if she would have come out sooner, she wouldn’t be taken seriously to be honest. They would have associates her more with the label.
Paula said…
I commend her for coming out but I think had the circumstances of blackmail not surfaced, she may have never been fully open about it. I am curious what kind of impact this will have on her career. From what I hear, she makes 6 grand on most of her YouTube videos.
Miss Fame Fan said…
I am transgender and I love your blog. You are very beautiful. I appreciate this post about Nikkie. Your political views made me wonder if you were accepting of us. Thank you Sarah!