I am the number one writer on Examiner

It is official, I am the number writer on Examiner.com for Beauty, for Makeup and for Pittsburgh. I have to say that I am extremely thankful, grateful and blessed by this honor.

When Yahoo Voices! closed in 2014, I was searching for a platform to write. I looked at several options and was accepted to quite a few, but felt a strong disconnect due to censorship and the fact that these outlets were looking for certain content that was simply not in my forte. When I discovered Examiner, I was quite reluctant as they rejected several of my articles at first.

Yes, at first Examiner rejected several of my articles; however, they believed me in enough to follow up with amazing constructive criticism. Truth be told, I never went to college for writing let alone journalism and literature. I have no academic credentials in the craft. I was a business major. I took maybe one course in writing. I knew I wasn't the most polished writer nor pristine content producer; however, I knew I had the potential to be eventually be, as anyone does.

As time proceeded, I garnered a huge appreciation for the power of the pen. I did a lot of reading and independent studying. Even went on Coursera and looked at the adult learning academic writing courses to see if I could learn something. After taking Examiner's vital criticism towards my content, I am now able to flush out multiple non-fiction articles in a matter of minutes. And now, I can honestly say that I am a whitelisted contributor, so I don't have to go through editors before publishing my content.

Amazing right?

And my content has been featured via news where it has been republished on Google, Bing and Yahoo! news platforms. I have learned to love writing, my writing and appreciate it more than ever. If I can do this, you can also.

Thank you Examiner for this honor.


Monica said…
Amazing job! I discovered you when you wrote for examiner. I’ve been a huge fan of you for a while. Ever since you did the best in beauty awards. I just started following your blog today. You had the greatest awards for beauty online. I think many platforms could have learned a thing or two reading your content. Well done!