Best in Beauty 2015: Contour Palette

Makeup contouring is a professional technique that can change everything from the shape to even the depth of your face. Whether you want higher cheekbones or a slimmer nose, etc. makeup contouring will allow you to achieve that. There are numerous products in the world created for this purpose, but what are the best ones right now?

"Mehron Celebre Pro-HD Contour & Highlight Palette" - This lightweight yet eco-friendly palette contains 12 unique shades that are great for contouring. As a cream-based palette, this is one of the greatest contouring mediums you will ever use. ($79.95 at Mehron)

"OFRA Professional Contouring & Highlighting Palette" - Created at the OFRA factory in Florida, this versatile makeup essential is perfect for contouring. Consisting of 6 shades, this amazing OFRA addition proves why it is one of the best of 2015. ($79 at OFRA)

"IT My Sculpted Face" - The art of highlighting and contouring can do so much for a face. It can balance the symmetry, as it can create definition. And one of the greatest contouring palettes of 2015 is definitely this one. ($38 at IT Cosmetics)

"AEsthetica Contour Kit" - With 6 shades to choose from, this palette truly delivers the art of facial sculpting. Contouring is an art, a process and this palette brings real glamour to your contouring routine. ($59.95 at AEsthetica)

"City Color Ultimate Contour Effects Kit" - This fantastic City Color addition includes the Contour Effects palette and the Contour Effects 2 palette. With 3 shades each, you will receive 6 in this special kit. ($29.99 at City Color)

"ULTA Contour Kit" - When it comes to simplifying the art of sculpting, defining, shaping, and molding; this fantastic ULTA addition really allows you to bring the art of contouring to life. On top of that, it is easy to apply and blends quite well. ($18 at ULTA)

Reader's Choice:

"Motives 3-in-1 Contour, Bronze and Highlight Kit" - After conducting a poll on not only my blog, but all over social media; you voted. As a result of many votes, you chose this amazing Motives addition as the #1 contouring palette of 2015. ($34.95 at Motives)

Social Media Choice: 

"Anastasia of Beverly Hills Contour Kit" - After an immense amount of research, I discovered that this gem to the world of beauty is the most raved about contouring palette all over social media. ($40 at ABH)

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