Love Of A Lifetime by Sarah Afshar

If you love rock music, but have never heard of Firehouse you are truly missing out on what rock is truly like. With so many different types of rock, Firehouse epitomizes the 90's long-hair meets black leather. They were popular in the beginning to the middle of the 90's, but sort of faded in the middle of the decade. 

Lately, I have garnered a huge fond for wanting to cover 90's rock band songs. I know many people don't touch them, which is why I truly believe the risk is worth the reward and vice versus. 

Firehouse has always been a favorite of mine. They have a lot of great songs, with this song--Love Of A Lifetime being a favorite. I heard the song when I was a little kid and have been a fan of it practically my entire life.

Tonight, I decided to log onto Smule (one of my favorite apps at the moment) and record this song. What do you think?

To listen to my rendition of Love Of A Lifetime, simply watch/listen to the video above. If, for some reason the video does not play, just click here right now. I recorded this song using an iPhone X with Beats by Dre headphones on Smule. 

Tonight is Tuesday, so I think I am going to make dinner shortly and maybe go to the gym for a few after. I hope you are having an amazing day, wherever you are in in the world. Thank you for listening.