All The Man That I Need by Lashonda Gibson featuring Sarah Afshar

Smule has become a real, tried and true escapism. Not just for me, but for my best friend Lashonda too. Before I forget, I want to let you know that my screenname on Smule is GolpariSarah and Lashonda's screenname is ChocolateRocker. Tonight, I decided to join Lashonda's duet of "All The Man That I Need" which is originally by Whitney Houston. We definitely did the song it has never been done before, that is for sure. 

What do you think of our rendition?

If the video doesn't play, simply click here to listen to us sing "All The Man That I Need" and don't forget to listen with headphones. If you haven't joined Smule, you truly need to as it is a lot of fun. 


Anonymous said…
You have an amazing voice. Your friend’s is ok. You are in the same league as Whitney Houston vocal wise.