Ukraine man dies after chewing exploding bubble gum

I was looking at the new today and low and behold, ABC news writer Alexander Marquardt posted one of the most shocking yet bizarre deaths I have ever heard. An Ukrainian chemistry student named Vladimir took it upon himself to lace his chewing gum with citric acid. You can read his original article regarding this here. Fox News also covered the story, which you can read here

It was a Saturday night and he (Vladimir) was working at home on his computer when he decided to dip his chewing gum into citric acid. His mother heard a loud sound, which sounded like an explosion coming from his room. When she went to see what happened, she found her 25 year old son laying on the floor drenched in his own blood, with his jaw completely blown off. 

The sad part is, no one could do anything to save him. But what was worse was, because he experimented with an array of chemicals, tests conducted prove that he didn't even use citric acid. That he picked up the wrong chemical by accident and that was what originally killed him. 

Imagine dipping your chewing up in an actual explosive instead of citric acid. Sad.

Vladimir was a scientist after all and loved making virtually everything he could from his home, including firecrackers. Authorities are still conducting more tests to find out what the substance was he used. 

In the meantime, this death is not only tragic, but incredibly bizarre. I really hope Vladimir learned his lesson in Heaven.