Restaurant Reviews: Thai Tada Restaurant in Herndon, Virginia

In the center of Herndon, Virginia lies one of the most fluent, yet cultural Thai eateries in Virginia, Thai Tada. Located on 1106 Herndon Parkway near Elden Street and the Potomac College, Thai Tada proves why it's a Thai restaurant worth eating at. I first discovered this fine Thai eating establishment when enjoying a nice lunch on a quiet Monday, in the middle of October, with an ex boyfriend and his friend. 

When you first notice Thai Tada, you will notice that the outside is rather spacious, so whether or not the restaurant is busy or calm, there is always a place to park. Despite being apart of a plaza, there is much more to this Thai restaurant than it's external ambiance. In fact, the environment of Thai Tada is rather habitual, yet relaxed while remaining culturally united to the Thai culture. When you first enter this fine Thai restaurant, you will notice that the Thai culture is present, but rather subdued. The area of the restaurant is actually surprising superior than predicted from the outside, as it's relatively large. There are multiple seating options that range from booths to tables. 

If you know anything about what makes a great business, let alone a restaurant, you will know that great service is key. You could be eating at a restaurant with the best food on the planet, but if their service is terrible, the food starts to become overrated and eventually loses it's flavor. In the case of Thai Tada, that wasn't the case at all. In fact, I was incredibly impressed with how attentive, as well as, prompt the service was. When I ate at Thai Tada during lunch hours, there were very few customers in the place. I loved the waiter's courteous behavior and the fact that he not only paid attention to our order, but offered suggestions, as well. 

I am not new to Thai cuisine; however I wanted to make sure that Thai Tada had a reasonably vast vegetarian selection. Thai cuisine is notorious for offering an array of vegetarian selections, however; not every Thai place does. Thai Tada is a Thai eatery that does, which made me rather impressed. After contemplating and debating what to order, I decided to order the "Eggplant with Thai Basil" or "Pad Mah Kuer Jae" which consisted of sliced eggplants sautéed in a spicy, yet sweet basil chili sauce. While waiting for my main meal, I decided to enjoy a "Spring Roll" compliments of our waiter, followed by a bowl of "Tom Yum" which consisted of an array of Thai spices with various vegetables including mushrooms. 

The spring roll was pleasantly good, however; the soup was more notable. The soup had the right amount of spices, which balanced the flavor. Both were hot, which was a sign they were just prepared. What was most impressive, however; was the main entrée, the Pad Mah Kuer Jae which tasted incredibly delicious. It was not only hot in temperature, but hot in taste. This dish was served with rice, which allowed the stability of the flavor to link together. The portion was actually quite generous. In fact, it was so generous that I found myself pondering whether or not I wanted to take home the leftovers. 

Although I noticed a full bar being available, along with an empty buffet, I did not have a cocktail nor the buffet. I did, however; enjoy authentic Thai Iced Tea and also what tasted like Mango flavored Coconut Milk, along with water. If you plan on eating Thai food, you definitely need to make sure that water is available. 

My experience overall with Thai Tada was really good. I truly recommend this Thai restaurant to anyone in Herndon, Virginia and surrounding areas that is looking to enjoy fantastic Thai cuisine in a traditional, yet comfortable eating environment. Would I eat there again? Absolutely.

Thai Tada Restaurant
1106 Herndon Parkway
Herndon, VA 20170
(703) 435-7618


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