Super Aqua Serum Set by Guerlain

High end skincare has become so popular in modern times. There is a difference between marketing a product that eludes nothing, but false hope and unpredictable results, as there is a different between marketing a product that actually works and holds true value to it's results. The Super Aqua Serum set guarantees an experience of real, concentrated hydration. When shopping at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, I had the opportunity to not only discover the Super Aqua Serum Set by Guerlain, but try it, as well.

The Super Aqua Serum Set by Guerlain includes four of Guerlain's finest skincare products. These products include the Super Aqua Serum in full size (which is 50 ml), the Super Aqua Toner (50 ml), the Super Aqua Cream (3 ml), and the Super Aqua Sheet Mask.


The skin is the biggest organ of the body and deserves special attention. If your skin is in need of intense hydration, you are going to absolutely love Guerlain's Super Aqua Serum Set, as all of these products work together to create the ultimate hydration experience. Know your worth and look your best. You can now love the skin you are in as this product provides you with long-lasting hydration.

Some products are a hit or a miss. This product is truly a hit and as a result, you are saving money. The Super Aqua Serum is full size. When purchased alone, it is $98. You are saving money, as you are having the opportunity to use this product along with the Toner, Cream, and Mask. All great for dry skin.

If you go to a spa, you want to receive only the best treatment. Right in the comfort of your own home, you can actually experience that kind of feeling. The Super Aqua Sheet Mask works as the ultimate form of skin rejuvenation, as it not only hydrates the face, it frees your skin from signs of aging and exhaustion. It is incredibly moisturizing.


Is this product really suitable for all skin types? If you have oily skin, I wouldn't recommend the Guerlain Super Aqua Serum Set. Although it guarantees that this product is formulated for all skin types, it is overly moisturizing for those with oily skin.

I don't think this is a product for those of you with sensitive skin. And if you are wanting to use products that are free of parabens and any synthetic lab created ingredients, you probably won't find this Guerlain addition special.

We live in an age where money does matter. If you are not looking to spend over $150 on a skincare set that consists of high-end products, you may not find Guerlain's Super Aqua Serum Set appealing.

You can purchase Guerlain's Super Aqua Serum Set at your nearest Sak's 5th Avenue or Guerlain retailer for $165. The value is great, if you are into high-end skin care, as in a nutshell, you are getting a good price for what you receive. If you are looking for a great high-end skin care gift, I truly recommend this one. Would I recommend this product? Definitely. The Super Aqua Serum Set is limited edition, so the time is now to get it today.