Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2011

The iPhone has proved to challenge the odds of high-tech technology on numerous levels. With apps such as Pandora which allows you to listen to some of the hottest music right now to Shop Savvy which allows you to discover only the best deals around to Mixology which allows you to discover everything and anything dealing with cocktails and mixed drinks to Netflix which allows you to watch your favorite flick instantly, right from your iPhone. The year is 2011 and there are a so many applications you can use with your iPhone, so I have narrowed down the number apps to only the top 5 of 2011.

5. Stanza. One of my favorite iPhone apps of 2011 is definitely Stanza. The concept of reading without using any paper is interesting, however; what makes Stanza so incredible is the fact that you have over 100,000 books to choose from. This application is free, making it even more fascinating. For more information about Lexcycle's Stanza application for iPhone, just visit today. You will be thankful that you did.

4. Pogo. EA (or Electronic Arts) launched the Pogo app for iPhone users looking to play games. It is seriously one of the best applications for the iPhone. You can get this app free, however; if you do, it only comes with five games. If you buy the club pogo service for an annual fee of $30, you can get access to a lot more games. If you do not want any interruptions from ads you can pay an extra $2.99 for the ad-free upgrade. For more information about the Pogo iPhone app, check out - right now. I love Pogo!

3. Wikipedia. Out of the many applications I have tried for iPhone, the one that I find myself using constantly is definitely Wikipedia. It's like it has lured me in. I have always been a fan of the website, however; I have garnered a huge appreciation for the website. Especially if I am traveling and have no clue where I am, etc. It's seriously such an incredible application and the ultimate resource app. For more information about the Wikipedia app for iPhone, simply visit - today. Definitely one of the best iPhone apps of 2011.

2. Shazam. If you are looking to enjoy an app that allows you to search for the name of a song, this is the app to download. Say you are in a restaurant and you hear a song that captures your interest, however; you do not know the title of the song nor do you know the artist. Just turn on Shazam and it will allow you to find what you are looking for. One time I used this app in a restaurant and discovered the title, as well as, the artist too. Without Shazam, it would have never been possible. For information about this amazing app, simply visit right now. Shazam is amazing and I know that once you discover this iPhone app, you will think so too.

...and the number 1 iPhone app of 2011 is...

*drum roll*

1. Yahoo!. The best iPhone app is definitely Yahoo! This incredible application for iPhone gives me access to not only email and instant messaging, but search, sports, news, weather, and much more. I can also access Associated Content using this app. I find that this application is the best because it gives me a variety of apps, along with the option to discover new ones. For more information about the Yahoo! app for iPhone, just visit - today. Love it!

Did your favorite make the list?


Anonymous said…
I love Shazam!
Unknown said…
Nice list! I just purchased an iPhone and have been on the lookout for new apps so you definitely helped me find some new ones thanks! I do have a most favorite app right now called DISH Remote Access and it comes from my TV provider/employer DISH Network. With their Sling Adapter as well I'm able to "sling" all of my favorite shows from home live or recorded to my iPhone anywhere I go in the world on 3G or WiFi. It's pretty awesome since I travel so much; plus I got the Adapter at a great deal! Check it out :)
Anonymous said…
That's very enlightening blog.