Earth Day, Words of Wisdom

Once upon a time over a billion years ago.Our mother earth was born and that's all we know. Although the birth of our planet is one big mystery.Our earth, our mother has generously made history.

Today is a wonderful time to honor our mother.The energy we give and the energy we receive, is like no other. We are the helping hand that feeds.Let us love our earth, as she has very special needs.

Endlessly separating fact from fiction.The earth's controversy has created intense friction.
Our lives depend solely on our planet.Do yourself a favor and make sure the earth's demands are met.

Whether we are weak and whether we are strong.Let us gather for this special day, let us all get along. Human beings and species from around the globe and across the ball.Let this be an honorable day to walk tall.

You don't have to be rich to plant a tree.The earth loves you all, can't you see?

Whether you are black, white, purple, or green...Please take care of our planet, don't be mean. Whether you are black, white, orange, or teal...You only have one earth and that is what's real.

In this world...we live, we die, and we remain.One thing is certain, the earth is what keeps us sane. The circle of life that breeds within our hearts.Treat our earth right by planting seeds in endless parts.

Eight days before May...Let us celebrate Earth Day!

-Sarah Afshar