Smart Dogs, Veggie Protein Links by Lightlife

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and love discovering meatless (or veggie) alternatives. One of the best things about this particular eating lifestyle is the fact that it benefits you in a variety of ways, as it benefits society too. I am "silent" on the issue, so I am not going to brush my eating lifestyle onto you because I truly believe that if you want to be a vegetarian and/or vegan, it is clearly your choice. You don't have to be a vegetarian and/or vegan to enjoy these veggie dogs, as they are great for everyone, including those looking to enjoy a healthy product, dieting, or simply on a health binge.

I have tried a variety of different veggie dogs from a wide-range of vegetarian and/or vegan friendly food brands. Some were amazing, some were great, some were good, some were ok, some were average, some were below average, some were bad, some were gross, and some were just plain revolting. I think you can kind of get the picture, if you know what I mean.

Recently, when shopping at Safeway in Dillon, MT I had the opportunity to try Smart Dogs, Veggie Protein Links by Lightlife. Do you know what I think?


The taste is quite acquired, but very flavorful. The taste of Smart Dogs, Veggie Protein Links by Lightlife changes when they are paired with condiments and veggies. In fact, I think they taste amazing with condiments and veggies.

How important are ingredients in the foods we eat? I would say very important. When it comes to possessing "MSG" (Monosodium Glutamate) Smart Dogs by Lightlife do not contain it, making this food relatively healthy. They are made with soybeans, which are not genetically modified. This is a good thing considering many scientists and food theorists have discovered many problematic health issues and risks due to foods that possess (GM) or have simply been genetically modified to fit the taste buds of palates.

When it comes to healthy eating, these veggie protein links definitely prove why they are worth purchasing. Not only do they possess zero fat, but they have no cholestrol in them, as they are naturally cholestrol free. Only 45 calories and 3 carbohydrates in just one veggie protein link

Although these veggie links are made from natural ingredients, keeping them refrigerated is a must. The texture is fantastic. This fabulous addition to Lightlife is everything, but impenetrable. When you cook them on the stove, they do not burn easily like some of the other veggie dogs I have tried in the past. In fact, they counter relatively well when you cook them on the stove. Whether you fry, boil, or even steam them. I have also noticed that they react very well when you cook them in the microwave.


If you are currently eating meat, please note that if you try one of these hotdogs, you will notice a difference immediately. Don't expect your palate to change immediately after you eat these veggie dogs. You may also find that the texture, as well as, taste is much different than an actual hotdog. In time, however; once you start eating these veggie dogs, your taste buds will get use to it.

Rating - 88%

You can purchase Smart Dogs by Lightlife at an array of Lightlife retailers. They are available at just about every natural food store and market you can think of. These retailers include Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Safeway, King Soopers, and many more. I also think I have seen them a few times at Walmart, as well. They vary in price, but are estimated to cost in between $4-$5 depending where you purchase them. Would I purchase them again? More than likely, yes. I have tried a variety of veggie dogs and these are currently one of my favorites. Would I recommend Smart Dogs by Lightlife to a friend? Most definitely. Yes.