Friends Remember Morgan Ingram

December 2nd 2011 is a day that will always be remembered by many who loved Morgan Ingram. On this day in 2011, Morgan was found deceased in her Colorado home. Morgan Ingram had no history of criminal activity nor any history of drugs. With so many questions left unanswered, it is clear that she is a victim of suspicious circumstances. Perhaps foul play. Although some people believe Morgan did in fact take her life, Morgan wasn't running nor escaping her life. Despite this propaganda being pushed by armchair sleuths and friends of the primary suspect, one should never overlook the 7,709 ng of Amitriptyline in Morgan's blood stream which was several thousand above the lethal dose.

Many people have come forward who want to challenge the Garfield County Sheriff and those third parties attempt to push the suicide narrative. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to some of Morgan's closest friends about life and death after Morgan Ingram. 

"Morgan was beautiful, unique, and brilliant" says Nicole Cowan, a friend of Morgan Ingram's whose favorite memory was when she and Morgan would babysit together. Nicole informed me that there were quite a few memories, but she will never forget the time that they traveled to Denver for shoes and found themselves lost.

"We just spent an entire weekend just watching the children of military couples. We were on our way to get fitted for ballet pointe shoes and somehow we found ourselves lost. After about an hour or so, we finally made it. I never said anything to Morgan about living there and all of the sudden she asked if I use to live there. She was very perceptive how she would pick up on almost everything." 

When I asked Nicole if she believed Morgan committed suicide, she said "absolutely not" stating "she was one of the happiest, well-adjusted people I have ever met." She continued saying "it just wasn't in her character." 

Rainer Jundt, who has known Morgan Ingram longer than most people says that she is a warrior. He says she was a "giver" stating she had endless compassion for others and even at her weakest point, she would give light and love to others who needed it. "She was a beautiful light. Someone, no matter how thick, could never forget." 

"Morgan was my first love" Rainer says. "I have known Morgan since the 4th grade, for 9 years of which 4-5 of those years we spent as lovers. We started dating in the 9th grade." So, how did Rainer find out about Morgan's death? He received a message from Morgan's mother Toni. How did he react? Rainer recalls "I was staring at the corner of my apartment blankly wondering why such a sick joke would be played, thinking she wasn't dead. I said to myself that she couldn't be dead. Eventually I went to the bathroom, threw up, and fainted." 

Rainer definitely believes that Morgan did not take her own life saying "I believe I know Morgan more than anyone other than the two people who brought her into this world. I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that she would never have tried to take her own life." He also mentioned that Morgan hated taking medication. 

According to Danny Rodden "Morgan was a free spirit, a truly caring yet loving soul. She was rarely ever in a bad mood which is why we all loved being around her." Although Danny has only known Morgan for a short period of time he says "the impact she has made on me will last forever." 

Danny also says "Morgan was a strong person who didn't want sympathy. She didn't need drugs to help her mood, as she believed in other things like breathing and nature. She didn't want attention and there was no reason she needed to escape. She had way too much talent and way too many plans to throw it away." 

"Morgan was the kindest hearted person I ever knew"  says Sage Friel, a friend of Morgan's since 6th grade. "She was always understanding and loving, but knew how to talk about anything without offending you. All she desired was to help others." She also says she found out about Morgan's death through the popular social networking website Facebook. "On December 2, 2011 I remember reading RIP Morgan. At first, I thought it was some sort of sick joke. After visiting her Facebook and talking to friends, I discovered that it was true. That night I cried myself to sleep."

Sage also states "I miss and love her so much. There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about her. I look forward to having the case re-opened. I can't wait for everything to gain speed and her family to have some contentment with the results." 

Katie Issacson who has known Morgan Ingram since the 9th grade says "Morgan is the best friend I have ever had" saying "she was incredibly passionate about so many things". She continued ... "Morgan always had a project - whether it be knitting, baking, perfecting songs she learned on the piano, photography, and writing - she was always writing." 

Katie went onto say that Morgan loved her family and friends more than anyone she knows saying "she was the kind of friend that would drop everything to help you out. She had a knack for making family out of friends, which is why everyone loved her." She continued saying "Morgan is amazing and although she wasn't perfect, she lived her life the way she wanted to. I learned how to love from her. I hope others will understand what a beautiful soul she was and that she would never leave this life on her own accord to this." 

Cassie Simmons, cousin and best friend to Morgan Ingram said Morgan had the biggest heart. "She was always there for me and should could always make me smile." Cassie also says despite being outgoing and caring she was also a great listener. She has so many fond memories of Morgan because she use to live with she, Toni, and Steve growing up. "Morgan had spunk, but her spunk was beautiful." 

Now residing in the Los Angeles area, there was quite a distance between she and Morgan. Cassie and Morgan would keep in touch by Skyping often. When I asked Cassie if she believed Morgan Ingram committed suicide she said to me "absolutely not, she would never do anything like that." She continued to say "Morgan put an extra pep in every step, she walked on this earth and everywhere she went, she touched peoples' lives." 

Although Nathan Ulrych-DiFiore says he can't remember an exact moment where he didn't love being in the presence of Morgan Ingram, he does have great memories with her. "Morgan was exceptional. She helped so many people by making you look into yourself and really figuring out your problems" he says. He also went onto say "She had a niche for knowing what exactly was bothering you." 

Nathan also says he was questioned by one detective the day of her death. "I talked to one detective on the day of her death. He asked me very basic questions. Things like 'Where was she last night' and 'Did you speak to her?' and 'How was her persona?' and 'Was she using drugs? After that, I was never contacted again by the police or any other official. That in itself made me feel that more could have been done."  When I asked Nathan how he would describe Morgan he said "she was beautiful, outgoing, artistic, and very free spirited." He also adds "She will be missed."

Leticia Cheatham described Morgan as a beautiful lady inside and out. "She was unconventional, but free spirited and loved life. Morgan was a friend to anyone. It didn't matter who they were. She had a very compassionate heart." 

Leticia states that Morgan was affectionate and says "she hugged every person she saw and made them feel special." Leticia also believes that Morgan did not commit suicide, stating "she embraced life way too much." 

"Morgan told me she was stalked. She told me who stalked her. Her stalker has bragged about what he did to her at parties while intoxicated. It's clear Morgan never took her own life." Veronica Page told me. "Morgan had many goals. She had plans to go to California. She wasn't suicidal and her stalker has had many run-ins with the law." 

Isabella Hash, a long-term friend of Morgan's who Morgan met on Etsy and Makeup Alley says Morgan looked forward to the present and the future a lot. "She was very practical in an artistic sense, but appreciated the arts more than anything else. She was always creating goals for herself and coming up with new ideas. She always had a project." 

Isabella says there is no way that Morgan would have committed suicide stating "Morgan has helped me, when I went to take my own life. She talked me out of it. Life has been a struggle for me, but Morgan allowed me to see that life is too valuable and worth living. There is no way she would have left this world by choice."

She continued to tell me "Morgan appreciated life for what it was worth and loved every single moment of living in it. I will never forget the impact she made on me for the rest of my life. She will be forever missed."