Album Reviews: Sacrificium by Xandria

Sacrificium, Xandria's newest
album comes out
Friday, May 2, 2014.
If you can imagine a more polished and refined version of Evanescence, more than likely you will love Xandria because that is what they epitomize. Located in the heart of Germany, this symphonic metal band proves they are one of the greatest bands in the world today. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to their new album Sacrificium which is due out soon. So, what did I think?

The first track is Sacrificium, which is very dark yet hauntingly beautiful. The instrumentals are absolutely stunning, as the vocals. The bridge is in the beginning and when you hear this amazingly polished tune, you feel as if you are being taken to another place. Everything from the vocal arrangement to the guitar parts, which have their amazing moments. Sacrificium starts out very slow and goes into raw metal, which I truly love.

I was so incredibly impressed with Sacrificium, as it was very beautifully moving. I actually wasn't sure what to expect for the second track on this album. Then, the second track Nightfall came on. Dianne's vocals are very beautiful in this tune and are perfect with the arrangement. The song itself is very Wish I Had An Angel (Nightwish) meets Cry For The Moon (Epica) and as good as both of those songs.

If you are looking to hear an angelic rock song, you will love the third track is Dreamkeeper. I love how Dianne has such perfect control of her voice and in this song, you can hear how amazingly good she is with the musical arrangement. The lyrical content is one thing that I truly love, but what stood out the most is how the instrumental here goes so well with the vocals.

What I love about the fourth track, which is called Stardust is the metal arrangement and the guitar parts. The bridge is in the beginning of the song, which makes it a song you will want to listen to the whole way through. I absolutely love the lyrical delivery of this song. The power in Dianne's voice is really showcased in the chorus parts of the tune.
The fifth track is The Undiscovered Land which is a stunning ballad that should be played on the radio. In fact, the instrumental reminds me of something you would hear in the movie Titanic. The lyrical content is incredible. It's effortlessly beautiful, as it tells a story. The vocal delivery is outstanding, as Dianne's voice is absolutely gorgeous in this song. This is one of the best songs you will hear this year.

I absolutely love the sixth track, Betrayer. It is one of the most exciting songs I have heard yet on the album, as it is one of the most exciting songs I have heard this year. The song delivers an exceptional story, which I really love. Marco and Dianne delivered quite a performance in this tune.

As I continue listening to Sacrificium, I am introduced to the seventh track, Until The End. The beginning reminds me of the theme music in Terminator, but then turns into raw, animalistic metal. When Dianne comes in, the song basically takes off from there. I also love how she really showcases her highs and lows, making it a memorable song.
Have you ever heard a song that made you believe you were stuck in a fairytale? The eighth track is Come With Me, which reminds me of a song that should be on the soundtrack to Maleficient. Absolutely beautiful. The best way to describe this song is that it is innocently dark.

When listening to the ninth track, Little Red Relish, I feel like I am listening to a real, bona-fide symphonic rock at it's finest. The beat is very catchy, as the drums take over this tune more so than any of the guitar parts do. And in collaboration with Dianne's vocals, this song truly embodies the essence of several genres. I love how you can also hear a darker side of Dianne in some parts of the song. This is one of my favorite songs on Sacrificium.

I have to admit, I am having a blast listening to this album. The tenth track is Our Neverworld which provides you with a stunning piano introduction. Slowly into the arrangement, Dianne's voice comes in. The message behind this song is just flawless. The guitar parts are amazing. I have to admit, I love this song and reminds me very much of Our Farewell (Within Temptation) but with it's unique originality.

Although the eleventh track is titled, Temple Of Hate, there is absolutely nothing to hate about this song. Everything about this song is beautiful. The instrumental in the beginning reminds me of bag pipes having a party. When Dianne comes in, the song takes off from there. The bridge is in the beginning which I love, however; the chorus really is catchy and stands out the most in this tune.

The twelfth track is Sweet Atonement, which is the final song on the album. The song starts out very cherubic. I am so amazed at the lyrics of this song and how well Dianne delivers them. I can hear this song played all over the place. The piano arrangement is quite a stand out, but I love the fact that this ballad still manages to have it's amazing moments all throughout the song.

I want to throw this out there now that I believe this is easily one of the greatest albums of 2014. And whether you love rock or classical or even pop music, you will love Sacrificium. Would I recommend this album to anyone? Yes. Especially those of you that love symphonic metal and enjoy the morphing of rock and classical music genres. If you love dark and haunting yet beautiful music and vocals, you will love Sacrificium. Will I purchase this album? Absolutely. What can I say? This is one of the best albums ever delivered by Xandria. In fact, this just may be their best yet. Sacrificium is available on Friday, May 2, 2014.

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Anonymous said…
I never heard of this band until you mentioned them. I will check out their new album when it is released.