The Bioeffect EGF Serum

The Bioeffect EGF Serum is a revolutionary age-defying serum that works to correct, prevent and repair aging. It is also one of the few serums on the planet to actually increase your skin's density, restoring and protecting your skin's natural acid mantle. 

I have been wanting to try this product for a while, as I recently talked with the creator of this amazing product regarding the hype around it for Yahoo! Voices. But the question remains, does this serum actually work and live up to its marketed promise? 

The product uses quite a few ingredients including those that you wouldn't find in ordinary skin care. One of them is Icelandic water. Additionally, this serum doesn't possess a lot of ingredients. It only contains 7 of them. These ingredients include: glycerin, Icelandic water, sodium hyaluronate, Tromethamine, sodium chloride, barley seed extract and EGF. 

And as a little goes a very long way (only 2-4 drops is recommended) this product is free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives including fragrances, dyes, alcohol and oil. I was able to receive some samples of this product to try courtesy of the founder of the brand. So, what did I think?

I think the serum is fantastic. I am surprised it is being sold at Sephora, as it clearly needs to be. I think once women discover this product, they are going to love it. The serum has a very gel-like texture that I enjoy. It isn't sticky and tends to sink your skin without feeling like you are using anything. 

The first day I used it, I didn't notice any results; however, after the 5th day I noticed that my skin looked brighter and tighter. I am 33 years old, so I am looking to prevent and target the first signs of aging. 

After about two weeks of using this product, I noticed that my skin is relatively hydrated. And as youthful as it looks, I feel as if this product really works for balancing my skin effectively. My skin is evidently a product of my environment; however, it has always been combination leaning towards dry in the colder climates and oily in the hotter temperatures. This serum truly does help to balance my skin, which I enjoy.

So far I have no complaints. I will let you know in the near future if I do. Until then, I am signing off. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful day.