Chhath Puja 2018

Chhath Puja
Me tonight.
Today we celebrate the anniversary of our beautiful sun and his wife Usha. As the sun (or Surya) is a demi-god which brings light into our lives, Usha is a demi-goddess who represents the dawn in which she represents the daily light coming into our lives and life as we know it. Chhath Puja is a tradition that started many years ago and is dedicated to thanking both the sun and Usha for bestowing life upon us. Starting exactly four days from Diwali with today being the 6th day from the that same holiday, this festival is primarily embraced by women more so than men. 

I will celebrate this incredible holiday today. It is currently 11:30 pm here in Idaho. Starting in 30 minutes, I will fast for 24 hours. I will not eat nor drink anything in that time frame. I will go outside often to pay respects to the sun with prayer. I will refrain from using technology, which means no internet for me. Then, at 12 am tomorrow (November 14, 2018) I will offer my food to both the moon and goddess Ganga and finally be able to enjoy a wonderful meal. I am a vegetarian (occasionally vegan) so I will enjoy something wholesome. 

Dating all of the way back to vedic times, Chhath honors both the rising sun and the setting sun. Taking part in Chhath symbolizes loyalty, love and liberty for self and for family. I am celebrating this to pay respects to the sun and my incredible boyfriend, who is an Indian Hindu. As the sun is necessary for life, this is the only holiday which commemorates it but honors everything it brings including love and light. And truth be told, it is one of the few festivals on earth that is backed by science. 

During this day my body's immunity will be boosted. This will also include a heightened level of immunity to my physical body and health, mental state of well being including eliminated anger, social state of well being including patience, emotional health including happiness and spiritual connection to life. 

Additionally, I will absorb both Vitamin D and Calcium which are both extremely vital to the human body.

Amazing right?

And although this is considered a holiday in Hinduism, other faiths have the right to celebrate it also. Whether you are Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim or even Mormon, you too can acknowledge Chhath. It is; however, celebrated by Hindu women around the world, including myself. 

Happy Chhath Puja! 


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