Whitney Houston died 7 years ago today

It is so hard to believe Whitney Houston died 7 years ago today on this date. When I first heard about her passing, I was sad. It was as if her death was not even real. I wasn't sad just because she died, but how she died. She basically drowned to death in a bathtub in a hotel room in Beverly Hills, CA. Houston had a long history of substance abuse; however, I always believed in her and always felt she would get through it. 

Sadly, she lost her battle.

When people criticized her voice, I remembered the voice she once had. That is the voice I will always remember when I think about Whitney Houston and the gift she brought to this world. She has always been amazing and quite possibly the best female pop singer to ever exist on earth.

To honor Whitney Houston today and her life, I want to share my recording of "I Will Always Love You" from Smule.

If you cannot see the video, simply click here right now to listen to rendition of this beautiful my song. 

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston. You will be forever missed. (August 9, 1963-February 11, 2012)


Nisha said…
You sing as good as Whitney Houston in her prime. I love your voice!
Anonymous said…
Incredible voice. RIP Whitney.