Jussie Smollett is a liar

In case you are unaware, actor Jussie Smollett has been in the news a lot lately. I first heard about his story on Twitter when I noticed several people I follow were tweeting about him. Many were expressing supreme sympathy for the Empire star. When I originally heard his story, I also felt bad for him, as I don't believe anyone has the right to endure any kind of racist or homophobic attack especially if for their views. However, a few days later I started to discover more about Smollett and certain things did not add up.

Smollett claims he has no recollection of the attack, but still managed to remember the people allegedly yelling "MAGA country" relentlessly as he was getting attacked. If you are attacked and claim to have no recollection, how can you remember this? Also, I hate to say this, but Chicago is one of the most liberal cities in America. I know this kind of city profiling doesn't mean Smollett is a liar, but I just don't believe an attack ever happened here. 

Then, three days after he was allegedly attacked Smollett showed up on the red carpet, as if nothing happened. If you were attacked, why would you attend a premiere or any kind of red carpet event only a few days later? I know everyone deals with trauma differently. I am a strong optimist by nature; however, why would someone who was just in the hospital days before for being physically assaulted want to be in public just a few days later? It just makes no sense to me.

Smollett claims to have received threats before the attack which he said include racial slurs, gay slurs, and death threats just before throwing out "MAGA" slogan as if his attack were caused by president Donald Trump. He claims to have no recollection of the attack yet continues to throw out Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" again and again. Why is that?

I think this attack never happened or was simply orchestrated to fit his agenda. Perhaps he is getting fired from Empire and looking for sympathy from people who are working with the show. Perhaps he is mad at president Trump or simply hates him and is looking for ways and means to make others hate him by create a fictitious story to complement his false narrative. I also believe this kind of publicity stunt may further his career, as more people will likely cast him based on his persecutory delusions and victim playing.

Keep in mind that Smollett is not a huge star. His role on Empire is a regular, but is not known by many people unless they watch the series. His claim to fame was "The Mighty Ducks" movie where he had one supporting, small role. He appeared in less than ten movies total and in less than ten television shows. He is not a big star and no one really knew of him before this alleged attack. This attack basically made him a huge star and is the most attention he has ever received.

Jussie Smollett is a talented man, so the only question I have is: why is he making up something like this? What is he gaining creating a fake story? Everyone is tweeting about how they are sorry this happened to him, that he is a victim, and this is hate from Trump supporters, etc. yet they are not looking at his story fully. Before you send me hate messages, please look at his claims and case fully and not one dimensionally. I am not falling for it. You shouldn't either. He's obviously gaining attention.

Something just does not add up. I am sorry, but I think Jussie Smollett is a liar. I hope the truth comes out in the near future. Perhaps it may never, but I stand by my opinion on this particular story.


Anonymous said…
Great write up! I always felt like he lied.
Anonymous said…
Well said! Preach!