Holidays 2019: My Bathroom

If you know anything about me, you know how much I love the holidays. In fact, they are probably my favorite time of the year. Like every year, I find myself decorating virtually every part of my house including my bathroom. For the last four years I have been decorating my bathroom for Christmas. And today, I did it again.

For the holidays this year, I decided to embrace the "Joy To The World" and "Peace On Earth" concept, but utilizing a lot of blue, silver, white, and iridescent opaques which brought my entire bathroom together. Additionally, I used both white and royal blue towels and wash cloths which used my original theme idea. The rugs and shower curtain also use the same colors which mesh incredibly together for this theme.

A lot of what you see are things I have made (DIY) or purchased myself. 

I bought the tree from Grocery Outlet for only $3.99. It needed a lot of tweaking, so I basically trimmed and cut what I found to be problematic. It was under $4, so of course you will not get the most immaculate artificial tree. The base of it was a light blue, which I hide with cotton glued to it. I sprayed the cotton with Krylon Glitter Blast Spray in Diamond Dust and in Silver Flash. I also sprayed the tree with this, but also added some garnishes of iridescent confetti and tinsel strings which are both from the Hobby Lobby.

When it comes to the flower arrangement, I did the arrangement myself using a mixture of faux flowers I purchased from Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Tree, and Target. I went with silver and white with blue accents simply because they truly brought my bathroom to life. The vase is a recycled vase from ProFlowers. 

The crystal Eiffel Tower is from Godinger. I added some iridescent confetti into it, to kind of give it a really unique opaque effect. The iridescent confetti was purchased at the Hobby Lobby.

I bought the blue globe, which is a major staple of this theme at World Market. To bring this theme to life, I also purchased Eiffel Tower from this same store. I don't know what it is but every single time go into the World Market store, I find myself always gravitating to the most unique items. 

The Christmas box is from Bi-Mart for a little under $3. I have been searching for a pre-made box and this one just fit perfectly into the entire decorative design. I also bought the three votives candles there too. They added a touch of elegance, I think.

What I find amazing about the holidays is how creative you can get with decorations. What I love about Ross is how I was able to find six stunning Christmas balls for $5.99. What you see on the tree and kind of garnished around are those Christmas baubles. I also purchased the mini Christmas balls from there too. Additionally, the tall glass (made in India) is a Ross purchase I made. 

Marshalls offers some of the greatest inexpensive things for the season. I purchased the LED star in the photo from there. I purchased several things from them including a ceramic reindeer (not pictured) which was covered in opaque iridescent glitter. Of course that was a little too big for my bathroom, but I may place that one in my master bath or in my living room. 

Without further to do, here is my bathroom...

If the video doesn't play, simply click here right now. 

I know what you are thinking "Sarah, why are you decorating for Christmas? Thanksgiving isn't even here yet." I just love the holidays, I wanted to take the initiative to do this now and not later since I have some free time. 

Stay tuned as I decorate other areas of my house. And if you are in need of finding only the best decorative home design ideas including all things DIY, please follow my blog.

Thank you and have a wonderful day, evening, afternoon, or night (depending on what time it is where you are) and thank you for visiting. Happy Holidays! 


Anonymous said…
Beautiful bathroom. I am thinking about doing mine this year. You just gave me the greatest ideas. Thank you.
Chad said…
Super love the bathroom decor Sarah, it looks out of this world!!! Amazing!!! Thanks for the inspiration.
Anonymous said…
This bathroom looks really nice..! The decors are so stunning..! Love it..! You have great ideas..
King said…
This bathroom is cute. I really love the decors
Norma said…
I love your decor they are just so splendid its so hard to look away. I love all the pics so fab.
Maysz said…
So beautiful bathroom I love the Christmas decor so stunning awesome photos!
Razena said…
I love the silver and blue theme for Christmas decor. We had our office done as Winter wonderland last year and it was so pretty too.
Tweenselmom said…
Adding accents inside of the bathroom can make one's bathroom a nicer place to stay at.
Laura said…
This is so good idea. I don't think I have added any decoration in my bathroom x

Kiwi said…
This is so cute. I’m inspired I wanted to “deck” my bathroom and make it festive.