Even Salt Looks Like Sugar Podcast

Even Salt Looks Like Sugar is a podcast which explores the darkness of the world and reality in which we live. Hosted by Billy Housh, this podcast examines all things true crime including the unexplained, and the unsolved. It is a new podcast, so when I was asked to be interviewed for the first episode, I was extremely honored. 

The podcast premiered Episode 1: The Death Of Tanner Barton just today. As many of you are already aware, today April 22, 2020 marks the 8-year anniversary of Tanner Barton's highly suspicious death. With so many questions unanswered, Even Salt Looks Like Sugar speaks with Michele Barton regarding her son, his death, the discrepancies surrounding his death, and what followed after. 

In addition to speaking with Michele Barton, Even Salt Looks Like Sugar spoke with me too. Around 1:12:46 my introduction into the interview begins with my interview starting shortly after. Not only did Billy Housh question my thoughts regarding the death of Tanner Barton, he touched based on my experience with resistance, slander, and cyberstalking including with those who have made numerous efforts to silence me. Morgan Ingram and Toni Ingram are also mentioned. Some of the questions he asked me were in regards to what I have had to deal with because of my support of Morgan Ingram and Tanner Barton and why I believe in the foul play narratives.  

I recommend that you grab yourself some coffee, a tea, or your favorite beverage and maybe a snack or even some lunch and/or dinner and listen to this entire podcast all of the way through. It is exactly one hour, 33 minutes, and 48 seconds. 

To listen to the podcast, just watch the video. If the video doesn't play, simply click here right now to watch it. I am looking forward to seeing this podcast take form, as everything about this is incredibly engaging. Thank you for listening and have an amazing day.


Michele Barton said…
Thank you Billy Housh and Sarah Afshar!!! You allowed a platform for Tanner's Voice to be heard! You told his story and let me tell the true facts and what we have endured without censoring, you let the raw emotions be heard! God Bless. I can't wait to see what's next #TruthForTanner #Justice4Tanner #BlackAndWhiteFactsDontLie
Anonymous said…
I love what you said about Michele Barton and Toni Ingram. I like that you publicly defend both of them. The media has treated both horribly and depicted them both as having M√ľnchausen syndrome. It’s really gross because both cases, especially Tanner Barton’s case deserves a second look. Definitely foul play.
Selena said…
I can’t believe they left his body at the bottom of the stairs and proceeded to come up with such a bs story as to why he laid there for many hours. That’s awful. Great podcast. My heart goes out to Michele. I’m a mother and I would be devastated if this happened to one of my children.