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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Drawing the line on Fake News

I voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016
in Idaho. Today, I have no regrets
and am proud of the decision
I made to help elect him as president.
Silence is golden, as duct tape is silver, but the human voice is platinum, are wise words to live by. And I am thankful everyday that I can use mine. You know, the voice. But where do we draw the line on fake news? Fake news is simply yellow journalism which is created intentionally to spread malicious propaganda, hoping the reader will not only fall for it, but spread the story. This is in addition to hoping the masses will follow, embracing the domino effect. Most of the time those who spread such agitprop are looking for a reaction from the reader and of course money from the clicks to story itself.

What really happens when you spread Fake News

An unidentified third-party may contact a media outlet about Donald Trump. The reporter who first heard of the story has decided they dislike Donald Trump for his past behavior, so this reporter has made a decision that they want to take the information about the president and exaggerate it to fit their narrative.

Without fact checking nor separating fact from fiction, the story then becomes amplified with untruths just because that reporter has decided they do not like Trump. Kind of like taking an original classic song and adding an array of pro tools to make it sound better when really the song sounds overproduced and worse. Now, does the song sound anymore truthful because of it's overproduction? Maybe this isn't the best example.

How about this? It is a fact school shootings have occurred in a fascist nation of the land of free and the home of the brave (the United States), but one must consider the legitimacy of their stories as according to the NPR (with the help of non-profit Child Trends) in an article titled 'The School Shootings That Weren't' there are quite a few that never even happened.

Was the intent to create a school shooting to strip away our 2nd amendment right? Guns are portrayed as being weapons used to kill, but nothing is mentioned about the strengths of a gun and how they can protect the people. Although you may or may not ever hear about this in the news, fake news will never cover the strengths of ever owning any kind of rifle or pistol. The fake news also camouflages the harsh realities and aftermath of school shootings and hurts real victims testimonies.

Donald Trump Tries To Stop It

The president of the United States, Donald Trump has been dubbed a "loose cannon" for calling out this ongoing, problematic issue. Because of this, people see him as the problem and not the solution. Instead of being thankful for Trump's ability to address these ongoing issues and want to fix them, they want to make him the issue. Why? It is a well known fact that those who continue to embrace various news outlets tend to overlook the problem at hand and go after anyone who uses their voice to challenge the problem.

When Trump originally coined the "fake news" term he was merely defending himself from the lies and untruths being spread about him. The 45th president of the United States used his liberty to defend others who are also a target of this type of disinformation spiel and went on to dispute the puff pieces created by various fake news outlets trying to push Hillary Clinton into office. And because most of these zines lack identity, it makes litigation extremely difficult to pursue.

The End Result

If a reporter creates a story with one-dimensional, aggregated news content, does that mean the reporter is right and the reader is wrong for questioning it? What if that reporter covers a story, but neglects the points they are trying to make by concealing their views with deconstructionism and banal reductionism based on opinion and heresy? As everyone has the right to free speech and freedom of press is embraced in more ways than one, does this mean they have the right to publish whatever they choose to a platform with a bigger audience? Fake news is equivocally fabricated and manipulated as well as, relentlessly mocked to not just media and journalism, but to those who are engaged and affected by it. And because of its nature, it can cause more harm than not. There are consequences to every action and it is crystal clear these consequences are inevitable to avoid.

This goes with the question we all have-where do we really draw the line on fake news?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th 2014

Can you believe that it's been 13 years since the terrorist attacks in New York City on the World Trade Center? It's been over a decade since Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Causing over $10 billion alone in damage, the lives lost (3,000+ people) on that horrible day are priceless.
I remember when I first heard of the terrorist attacks. I was in class typing up a paper about ethnicity and the college environment. If I remember correctly, it was a general Psychology class. One of the assistant professors came running in and mentioned that a plane was hijacked (United Airlines Flight 93) and landed in Pennsylvania.
My entire being went completely numb. It was as if a plethora of fear manifested my entire being. The only thing I could think was "what would motivate someone to want to do this?" Ironic that I was writing a paper that incorporated racial profiling and this type of affliction was occurring, as I hit space followed by enter.
I proceed to look at my prepaid cell phone where I noticed that I had received a few missed calls from family and friends. When I checked the voicemails, the entire terrorist attack was brought to my attention. Little did I know that about 20 terrorists from a terrorist group had an agenda and were looking to desperately be heard through their actions, so they took it upon themselves to hijack planes, crash them into buildings and take lives, including their own.
The only thing I could think of was the manipulation and the marginalization of these "terrorists". I think these people were simply made to believe they are nothing, unless they do something to garner attention and make some sort of change, as a result. I remember reading about this type of thing, but I never thought that a group would take it one step further and actually kill people in the process.
As an Iranian American woman living in Pittsburgh (which is where I happened to live/be at the time of the attacks, as well) it was evident that these people were all part of a social exclusion. Crime is often embraced and valued in the social marginalization of people. So, these terrorists were actually taught that killing other people just to be heard was actually the right thing to do. And as a result, change would happen.
Almost like a regressive imperialism, I believe the motivation for these attacks was quite evident, but at the end of the day, no matter what anyone attempted to do, the brave ended up losing the battle. When I look back 13 years ago when this happened, I see a part of history. There were a lot of heartaches and a lot of heartbreaks, but in the end, I see a country still standing. A country that is still alive and well.
Freewill is a choice, as freedom is too. We live in a country that allows us to use our freedom for whatever reason we choose. It is certain that we will never forget what happened on this day many years ago, but we can be grateful and thankful that we are still here and still standing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thank you Billy Housh

My amazing Christmas gift from my dear friend William Hooshmandi came today. Simply amazing! It's a watercolor painting of my cat Murphy by the talented Joanna Barnum from Baltimore, Maryland.
Just beautiful! I absolutely love it! Actually "we" (as in me and Murphy) love it! Thank you so much Billy!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


We will never see a number like this for another hundred years. What are two things that I love aside from family and friends? Zebra print and candy, especially lollipops. To show dedication for this special day, I have decided to present you with 12/12/12 in candy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

One of my best friends in the whole wide world...

...and my favorite gay, Jason McHenry. I have known Jason for about 12 years now. We first met in college and developed a friendship almost instantaneously.  He would visit me frequently at my apartment in the city and every time we were around each other, it was a blast.
He epitomizes and represents what being a true friend is all about. He has been there for me through thick and thin and through black and blue. Although I have many friends, there are only a select few that I would dub "quality" and Jason is that person. Like a grade A diamond amongst several gemstones and many rocks.
Jason is going through a tough time, as he is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia due to an incompetent dentist. Despite the pain he has endure and is currently enduring, Jason is a fighter and will defeat this tribulation that has affected him and his partner Scott.
Thank you for being there Jason. I am here for you always. Love you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

When you lie to the state of Ohio...

...get caught for lying, and then try to use trivial defense mechanisms to justify your actions while acting superior and condescending, as a result, of course you are not going to be president of the United States. You lost Ohio.
There are several factors that I liked about Mitt Romney, however; in comparison to his weaknesses, the weak were much more obvious. In fact, I found that there were more holes in his arguments than the finest Swiss cheese in Lucerne and here is why...
1) When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he was against a lot of the things he was now far. I googled "Romney Veto" and discovered that he is quite the flip flopper. Part of establishing your role as president is to stick to something, to be passionate about it. Although part of being a president and stamping your role in the executive branch is decision making, I felt that one of Romney's mistakes was changing his mind all of the time.
2) When Romney mentioned Chinese and accused them of "stealing jobs" in an effort to up his stance was quite condescending, however; when he emphasized the type of jobs (i.e. manufacturing jobs), that was one of the biggest mistakes he made. As you may not already be aware, the Chinese technically started manufacturing and if I can refer you to the "Old Silk Road" I will. The Old Silk Road was the breakthrough of collaborating business with communication. It was started back during the Tang Dynasty. This road was the ultimate link of connecting economics and politics. It balanced culture and was accepting of everyone, regardless of where they lived. Today, the Chinese have helped manufacturer an array of products including some of the biggest products on the planet. Romney's mistake was playing the "blame game" however; his biggest mistake was blaming the Chinese.
3) As he mentions in his argument that he cares about our nation, while emphasizing on the economy and jobs, he fails to realize that he has cut employment himself (need I refer to Bain Capital?) and closed companies.
4) Looking at America's actual debt and then looking at the debt subtracted by the worth, we are still the richest nation on the planet. When you look at agendas and the cost of war and the cost of the ending result after the conflict, you will be spending far more. This debt was not created by Barack Obama. This debt was created by George W. Bush. For the years it takes to accumulate this actual debt, it will take more than 4 years to fix it.
5) Romney's ideas that privatizing everything will somehow solve our problems is impractical. Statistically speaking, it is a fact that 90% of the wealth in this country is owned by less than 10% of the population, and privatizing essential services will only make that worse. Why? When you hand the people with power more power, they are frequently, poor on getting the jobs done and do not deliver results that will benefit everyone equally. There are certain services that only the government should provide, that only the government "can" provide because there's no incentive to do them effectively if you market to the lowest bidder.
6) It is a well known fact that Romney has publicly said he wants to control what women do with the bodies, whether that he accomplish this by shutting down funding for Planned Parenthood or removing contraceptive options from public health care, etc. Not only does this create a male dominated controlled cinco, making a lot of women mad, as a result, but this is a huge intrusion of government into the private lives of its citizens. Looking at the statistics, there are more women then men in the United States. 
7) America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. America is known for it's accepting of people from all walks of life. This includes the gay community and other minorities. The gay community alone makes up over 10% of the population in the United States and that statistic is growing. Romney's mistake was using his personal beliefs and lifestyle without thinking of other's beliefs and lifestyle.
8) In 1922, a KKK member preached that "keeping America American" was the way to go. Although I don't see Romney as a racist (in fact, I highly doubt he is) I think he could have used his words better. It was almost like he went into this campaign simply not ready.
9) Every year for the past 4 years, Barack Obama has introduced a video about Norooz for the Iranian people. If you go to the White House's website and actually do a search, you can see the videos by year. This definitely garnered the majority vote for state of California, as there are currently almost 1 million, if not 1 million Persian people living there alone.
10) He dropped out of the 2008 presidential election campaign and still to this day, it is a big mystery to me, as he was "winning". When you look at this one dimensionally, you may think that it was because of John McCain, however; looking at this fully, you will recognize there is something else, something we don't know and never will. 
This is why I believe Mitt Romney is not president of the United States.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, 2012

Good Morning! Halloween is finally here! To be honest, I am finding it hard to believe that Halloween is here. Where has time gone? This year has went by so incredibly fast, I think I should pinch myself.
 My plans? I am going to be doing several faces including my own. This year I wanted to do something more sinister than I have ever done in the past with myself, so I am looking forward to it. My "Fresh Scab by Ben Nye" came in the mail today, so I am stoked to mess with it.
I hope you have a wonderfully warped day filled with sinister spirit trying to communicate from the dead and of course, your day is as fabulous as you are.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Rumors are contributed by liars, spread by haters, and accepted by dummies. Use your head, don't just swallow everything you're fed" - Sarah Afshar

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update on my oldest dog

As many of you already know, my oldest dog had cancer. She recently had 3 huge masses removed. The vet stapled her area after removing the masses, but failed to do it correctly, as they were coming out days later. I had to take her back to the vet because she developed infections, including an open wound that was acutely infected.

Another vet that works in the practice stitched her, but once again, they did it improperly. They did, give her a cone/funnel so she would refrain from messing with the area (because she was actually messing with it). She was unhappy at first, but she's definitely getting use to it. 

I decided to go ahead and do what I could using the available resources to me and basically she is happier than ever. The infection is gone and she is running around and playing again.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hey University of Wisconsin, STOP TESTING ON CATS


There is no excuse for the type of cruelty exposed in the photos seen here.

Please put your resources towards finding effective and kind ways to help people. Stop funding this type of animal cruelty and investigate this case to make sure those responsible are properly held accountable.

You will learn absolutely nothing by torturing an innocent creature. Torture is not science and this type of behavior refutes and emasculates human's natural rights to a modest degree of social harm. This is just unethical and should never be supported as ok. This is also relatively costly and no one wants to spend money supporting this sickening act.
I am disgusted that you have to go to such lengths as to test on a cat and it would be even more disgusting if you own one. How would you like to be experimented on? University of Wisconsin, you are disgusting for supporting this filth. Why test on cats when we have murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and other criminals in prison? On top of that, they (prisoners) are using government money to live a relatively lavish life. Leave the cats alone!
Let’s use our voices for those that cannot.
Please sign the petition. Just click here.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My dog is home from the hospital

So, I just got home from work and on my way home, I had to pick up my dog from the vet followed by her prescriptions. When I showed up at the vet, almost immediately, her tail was waggling and she started barking. It is just an amazing feeling to see her in good spirits again. She is living proof that there is no need to euthanize an animal simply because they are suffering and/or in severe pain. Solutions come naturally. My dog survived getting hit by a car and she survived cancer. Thanks to God, miracles always happen and to me, my dog is a real fighter who epitomizes a real miracle.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Amazing news about my dog

She is going to be ok. She pulled through. The vet had to remove not 1, but 3 cancer masses. She seems to be stable. I am so happy words cannot express. Now if only I can get this cell phone case off of my iPhone 5. hahaha!

My thoughts about Piers Morgan's interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I have been receiving several emails from people who read my blogs asking me what my thoughts were about the latest interview Piers Morgan did with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about a week or so ago.

First and foremost, I thought the questions were quite boring, moderately self indulgent, and well, a little banal which left me disappointed. As much as I enjoy Piers Morgan, this interview was definitely not one of my favorites.

I have to admit, I thought that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke relatively prudently despite the fact that I don't agree with several things that he says. He does appear slightly cunning, but who are we to determine such? If anything, he is guilty of being modestly outspoken. I think as a political figure, he seems dramatically ambitious, especially on his emphasis on reform. With that said, I don't understand why people use religion as a weapon to justify an action.

I don't agree with a lot of what Mr. Ahmadinejad says, but I don't see him encouraging the conflict created by distorted international relations. This kind of distortion is created by those that love exaggerating to create afflictions to test allies and prevent political stability. I don't see Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a threat. In fact, I think the most threatening individual(s) are those that we don't know. Yes, the "personality" that is evil is one that we will not see until something does happen. There is no connection to what one believes is "obvious" simply because that person's decorum is embellished and tested by media and the status quo masses that follow.

I am proud to be an American, but I truly believe the reality is this; the killing of millions of individuals for the sake of thousands contradicts and undermines human's natural rights to a sizable degree of social harm. It is wrong and should never be supported as ok. I think the only solution to this issue is for allies of the countries to simply stop meddling into political affairs they are not a part of.

Today, my oldest dog is having surgery

It's 5:30 am and I cannot sleep. Today, at 8 am my dog is having surgery. The vet confirmed that she does, in fact, have cancer. She suspected it was cancer, as did I, however; once she took the sample, the cells confirmed so. The vet also said that my dog, despite being 14 years old, has many years left in her.
When she told me this, I found my emotions being lifted almost instantaneously. My dog is truly a force to be reckoned with. Being a survivor after getting hit by a car at the age of just 1 and enduring seizures throughout her life, she still manages to live. I want her to pull through and I think inspite of everything that has happened to her, she's a real fighter.
Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remember 9-11-01, it's been 11 years

On September 11th 2001, I remember I was writing a dissertation and studying for a test. All of the sudden in the earlier hours of the afternoon, I was hammered with a ton of phone calls from family and friends, including those that lived in New York. Everyone proceeded to ask me about the news and insisted that I turn on the television. I was in utter shock when I saw what happened.

One of my friends who happened to work a few blocks away said she saw the people from a distance running down the stairs and a few actually jumped out of the windows, in effort to escape. Another friend saw the same thing exact thing. Very disturbing.

This is a tragedy that will affect a lot of people forever. It has manifested in war and even hate towards certain religions and groups of people. As an Iranian American woman I can honestly say that this radical yet horrible tribulation has affected me highly.

On that day, 4 days after May, this is all I have to say... Let's remember 9-11-01. My prayers go out to those who are still suffering from what happened on this day. RIP to the victims.
WTC Site. According to several workers, it is expected to be completed in early April 2013.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I spent the entire day yesterday at Yellowstone

I truly apologize for not keeping you as updated as I should be. Life does get busy, however; in the end, I should always include you in my life. So, as I am off for a few days from work, I decided to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park yesterday. 

I entered the park via West Yellowstone, where they held their "crazy day" event which was manifested with great deals on souvenirs, as well as, food and other fun. I also managed to run into friends and acquaintances when walking through the areas. Despite being relatively scorching hot, I had a great time. 

I didn't see everything (which is truly impossible for just a one-day-trip), but managed to see the things that I wanted to see for quite a while including the Steamboat Geyser, the largest active geyser in the world and at Yellowstone. I am getting a new laptop, so I will post pictures soon. In the mean time, I hope you are doing great and I promise that I will do my best to blog more.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and day. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

The truth about Kony 2012

These are some very insightful yet interesting facts about the whole "Kony 2012" crusade. I have to admit, I actually bought into the "Kony 2012" movement simply because it is/was an act of awareness. It was taking a negative and simply making it into a positive, using a very deep yet moving message. 

The truth is, there is a man named Joseph Kony that really exists, but the documentary that is going around the internet projects an entirely different message than what really does exist. In fact, the newest video (the actual follow up) has disabled the ability to rate and comment via YouTube. 

To separate fact from fiction, I saw holes in this documentary the moment they mentioned Jacob. He is the only African boy they mention in the Kony 2012 video. The biggest problem that I noticed is that they fail to mention any other people who live in Africa. They use one person's alleged commentary to support an entire cause? A cause asking for your time and your money.

Also think about this (and it isn't hard), if you were not a shady fraud, wouldn't you encourage dialogue and give individuals (especially Americans) that right to comment on something that is asking for their money and time?

This entire movement has more holes in it than the finest Swiss cheese you can find. I have spoke with several individuals who have been banned by the Invisible Children Instagram simply because they picked out small these holes (which are passed off as alleged fact) that this entire campaign lacks absolutism. The Invisible Children encourages people to donate their time and money, yet when they are questioned, they ban people? Even when there is zero ad hominem involved? No spam ad nauseum either.

That seems very shady to me. At this point, I do have a relatively mixed opinion on Kony 2012, but overall I think it is a ploy to generate revenue using an approach that lacks bona-fide knowledge. Great job Billy Housh for doing an incredible job filming this.

If you cannot see the video, just click here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sad day for University of Montana...

The University of Montana has fired athletic director Jim O’Day and head football coach Robin Pflugrad.

Assistant athletic director Greg Sundberg sent this notice to the Grizzly Scholarship Association board of directors this morning:

“It is with great sadness that I inform you all that this morning our Athletic Director, Jim O'Day and Head Football Coach Robin Pflugrad were released of their duties as of 8:00 a.m. this morning. It will be a very difficult time for all of us in the coming days and I would ask that you stay positive."

“As more information comes out, I will be sure to let you know. At this point and time this is all that I know.”

The Missoulian was able to contact Pflugrad on his way out of the Adams Center shortly before noon. The coach confirmed that he had been dismissed, but would not discuss it further - saying he wants to speak with members of the football team first.

Read more:

What I think...

The sexual crime (rape) is not even the coach's discrepancy. Unlike the Sandusky case at PSU that involved witnesses and testimony, this actual tribulation didn't even occur on school grounds (or in the locker room, etc), where there were witnesses. He should not be fired for this. The crime itself is malum in se and doesn't even involve the coach. The only thing the coach is guity of is upping the stance of an alleged rapist.

Plus, until the crime is proved beyond a reasonable doubt (whether that evidence that physically surfaced is plausible to support any case) there is no reason to fire the coach simply because the appropriate actions were taken instantaneously. The suspension, the investigation, etc etc. The coach should not be fired, unless someone claims that the coach was aware before the procedure took place.

Why would the coach be fired? They (the school board) cannot fire the coach unless he was aware of the allegations before the action was taken. Sad to say, but you don't have to be in the courtroom to know that they are firing the him simply because he (more than likely) failed to report the allegations brought to his attention about the alleged rape. It is horrible and in due time, I am hoping that his job is reinstated. The man who allegedly raped the girl, the charges brought against him were dropped. If they were not, I can kind of understand why the board took the actions they did. However; the charges were dropped and right now, they are allegations at this point. They have no reason to fire him.
What I believe the coach can do? He (the coach) can sue/countersue the school because the guy who is the alleged rapist is not being charged for the crime at this moment. The charges were dropped. It would be different if he is guilty, but right now these are allegations, they are not fact. Until this becomes factual and he is actually charged with the crime, he is not guilty.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I just realized that I have NOT dated anyone older than me...

...for the past 10 years nor have I expressed interest in dating anyone older. This may come as a shock to some of you, perhaps all of you, but for the past 10 years, I haven't dated anyone older than me at all. Can you believe it? Not even a month older, not even a day a day older. I don't know how content I feel sharing this information to the world (or you, my readers), but why hide it? We are all human afterall. In all honesty, all of the men that I have dated have been younger. Even if it is by a month or two, I have not dated anyone older than me for a decade.

Now I have come to grasp the idea that perhaps this may all be coincidental, however; separating fact from fiction, I tend to think that growing up as an extraverted nerd, who didn't experience the dating scene until later on could possibly be why I find myself attracted to younger men more than older men. I think this is why I tend to relate more to younger men. Then, I started to suddenly grasp the distinction that maybe, just maybe I am meeting the wrong guys and perhaps the right one is an older man?

I am very guilty of overanalyzing just about every situation that I am in. In fact, I always find myself entertaining the notion that there are holes in almost every situation. Although, this type of thinking is critical and does possess several weaknesses, as a result, it does have it's strengths, which in theory is something to value. If something is broke, you can fix it earlier, so there are not discrepancies later on. Perhaps this is why I am so picky when it comes to dating.

Most of the men that I have dated (keyword "most" hence why not "all") did not come with red flags (whether it be more baggage than the Chicago airport or more issues than Newsweek magazine). The less sum (which are in the minority and less percentile) of the men that I have dated in the past did have red flags, which is why I cut strings after recognizing such. I am a good hearted person who thinks outside of the box and sometimes my thoughts are so optimistic that they are impractical. I have to admit that I am willing to rise above it and work out problems, as long as those problems can be worked out, however; if I discover something that can't be fixed, usually that is when I say goodbye.

So, in short, I must say that despite not dating someone older than me for the past 10 years, I am very content. In fact, I am happy. I don't see this as an issue simply because I don't object to dating an older man. Just because I haven't expressed any interest, does not mean that I object. In fact, I am open to dating an older man, just as long as he is established and represents the type of man that I am looking for (Classy, Successful, Attractive, Independent, Sophisticated, Intelligent, STD Free, Drug Free, Worldly, Ambitious, Culturally Connected, Athletic, Non-Smoker, No Drama, No Baggage, etc).