RIP Bettie Page

Bettie Page was one of the most iconic women in history, as she was one of the first models to take a risk. She was unique as she was curvy and had an appeal that was different from most women during the 50's era. Lets not forget about her trademark jet black hair that was fringed in the front, fair skin and pale blue eyes. 

If you can think of the word "pin-up" Bettie Page defines every aspect and sense of the word. In fact, I would say she probably epitomized pin-up persuasion where she brought back the original burlesque in a modernized fusion. Her look made an immense impact on society, as she was timeless with a lot of spirit to match.

In fact, if you look at photos of her back in the 1950's, you would think most of them were taken this year. She was ahead of her time and definitely left a legacy behind, especially to those who enjoyed the glamorization of all things pin-up.

Today, Bettie Page died. She was 85. Although she lived in a very sad life (in and out of mental institutions, etc.) she did more good than she did harm. She will be forever remembered as the world's most popular pin-up model.

RIP Bettie Page.