An Arduous Conundrum, a Tritina

Sweltering fire that energizes the decorum of quintessence, momentarily, by the sugarcoat of lies.
Defective apologizes are inconsequential banter, spurring, extricating reality from falsehood.
Into the great wide open, drudgery and obliging, neglecting the derivation of the conundrum.

Life is a scientific phenomenon, encouraging, creativity fueled by raw astuteness and gifted conundrum.
The path of excellence is only created, smoothly, without overanalyzing is unhelpful and deeming the lies.
Attempting to be, what you are not destined to be, boorishly, is a melancholic and lively falsehood.

Once being lighthearted and joyful, passionately, craving continuous love shaped by tremendous falsehood.
Exceptional viewpoint of the castle in the sky, yearning, from a cryptic and mystifying conundrum.
A prototype of never ending plucks, contemptuously, produced by acquiescent and vicious lies.

Horrendous lies, enduring, into a poignant falsehood that started from an arduous conundrum.

-Sarah Afshar


Anonymous said…
You have a gift with words.
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