Homemade Crepes using Almond Flour

Almond Flour is not only low in carbohydrates and sugar, it is high in protein. It is high in potassium, as well as, magnesium. Almond Flour is also gluten-free and serves as an amazing alternative to those who engage in a healthy low carbohydrate/high protein eating lifestyle or are simply dieting. It is also great to reduce free radicals in the system, serving as a fabulous antioxidant. Although it is much more expensive than all purpose flour, it is very beneficial and possesses strengths that exceed all purpose flour on several wavelengths. I truly recommend it to anyone looking to substitute all purpose flour with a healthier option. I will write a long article soon and post it on my blog discussing why almond flour is amazing. Until then, despite using almond flour in these crepes, I would say they turned out relatively good overall.


Anonymous said…
They look delicious.
Anonymous said…
Are those raspberries or strawberries?