Malala Yousafzai was shot today

After taking an exam in the Swat Valley area of Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai was shot today while riding the bus home. At just 15 years old, this very bright activist's life changed for the worst when a Taliban gunman literally tried to kill her earlier today.

The Taliban gunman allegedly asked "which one of you is Malala? If you don't speak up, I will shoot you all." shortly before striking Yousafzai directly. Using just one shot, I do not believe she died. In fact, I do not think she is dead and I am praying she will not die either. 

I just heard the news about this and literally could not believe it. It is disgusting why they would target this girl; however, it is very clear they see her as a threat to humanity because the Taliban simply do not want women rising in any shape or form. To them, she was a threat to their beliefs. 

And because Yousafzai was a blogger for the BBC shortly before she became a peace prize winner, they had planned to execute her before she could create change in the education system. 

It has been known for years that the Taliban was trying to destroy the girls-only schools. If I am not mistaken, they blew up quite a few in 2009. Yousafzai was the only woman that had the courage to speak out about this. 

And this is why she was shot. This is clearly one of the most inhumane, vile acts of hate to exist. You can disagree with Malala's beliefs, but in the end this young woman would never hurt anyone. What the Taliban is doing to her is completely wrong. 

I am praying for Malala Yousafzai tonight. Please keep her in your prayers.