When you lie to the state of Ohio...

...get caught for lying, and then try to use trivial defense mechanisms to justify your actions while acting superior and condescending, as a result, of course you are not going to be president of the United States. You lost Ohio.

There are several factors that I liked about Mitt Romney, however; in comparison to his weaknesses, the weak were much more obvious. In fact, I found that there were more holes in his arguments than the finest Swiss cheese in Lucerne and here is why...

1) When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he was against a lot of the things he was now far. I googled "Romney Veto" and discovered that he is quite the flip flopper. Part of establishing your role as president is to stick to something, to be passionate about it. Although part of being a president and stamping your role in the executive branch is decision making, I felt that one of Romney's mistakes was his failure to stick with one thing and be so confident about it, he wouldn't change it. Romney kept changing his mind all of the time.

2) When Romney mentioned Chinese and accused them of "stealing jobs" in an effort to up his stance was quite condescending, however; when he emphasized the type of jobs (i.e. manufacturing jobs), that was one of the biggest mistakes he made. As you may not already be aware, the Chinese technically started manufacturing and if I can refer you to the "Old Silk Road" I will. The Old Silk Road was the breakthrough of collaborating business with communication. It was started back during the Tang Dynasty. This road was the ultimate link of connecting economics and politics. It balanced culture and was accepting of everyone, regardless of where they lived. Today, the Chinese have helped manufacturer an array of products including some of the biggest products on the planet. Romney's mistake was playing the "blame game" however; his biggest mistake was blaming the Chinese.

3) As he mentions in his argument that he cares about our nation, while emphasizing on the economy and jobs, he fails to realize that he has cut employment himself (need I refer to Bain Capital?) and closed companies.

4) Looking at America's actual debt and then looking at the debt subtracted by the worth, we are still the richest nation on the planet. When you look at agendas and the cost of war and the cost of the ending result after the conflict, you will be spending far more. This debt was not created by Barack Obama. This debt was created by George W. Bush. For the years it takes to accumulate this actual debt, it will take more than 4 years to fix it.

5) Romney's ideas that privatizing everything will somehow solve our problems is impractical. Statistically speaking, it is a fact that 90% of the wealth in this country is owned by less than 10% of the population, and privatizing essential services will only make that worse. Why? When you hand the people with power more power, they are frequently, poor on getting the jobs done and do not deliver results that will benefit everyone equally. There are certain services that only the government should provide, that only the government "can" provide because there's no incentive to do them effectively if you market to the lowest bidder.

6) It is a well known fact that Romney has publicly said he wants to control what women do with the bodies, whether that he accomplish this by shutting down funding for Planned Parenthood or removing contraceptive options from public health care, etc. Not only does this create a male dominated controlled cinco, making a lot of women mad, as a result, but this is a huge intrusion of government into the private lives of its citizens. Looking at the statistics, there are more women then men in the United States. 

7) America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. America is known for it's accepting of people from all walks of life. This includes the gay community and other minorities. The gay community alone makes up over 10% of the population in the United States and that statistic is growing. Romney's mistake was using his personal beliefs and lifestyle without thinking of other's beliefs and lifestyle.

8) In 1922, a KKK member preached that "keeping America American" was the way to go. Although I don't see Romney as a racist (in fact, I highly doubt he is) I think he could have used his words better. It was almost like he went into this campaign simply not ready.
9) Every year for the past 4 years, Barack Obama has introduced a video about Norooz for the Iranian people. If you go to the White House's website and actually do a search, you can see the videos by year. This definitely garnered the majority vote for state of California, as there are currently almost 1 million, if not 1 million Persian people living there alone.

10) He dropped out of the 2008 presidential election campaign and still to this day, it is a big mystery to me, as he was "winning". When you look at this one dimensionally, you may think that it was because of John McCain, however; looking at this fully, you will recognize there is something else, something we don't know and never will. 
This is why I believe Mitt Romney is not president of the United States.


Laguna Venus said…
Mitt Romney also had intentions of using the money from cutting healthcare and social security and investing that money into Wallstreet. So shady!
Anonymous said…
Everything you said was spot on. So true!
Anonymous said…
So true!
Anonymous said…
Sarah, who did you vote for?
Anonymous said…
Lol, Laguna where do you get your facts at? I am highly offended that you are contributing to slander.