Trespassing by Adam Lambert, Best Album of 2012

A lot of amazing things continue to happen in entertainment for 2012 and Adam Lambert's latest album Trespassing seems to be one of them. Debuting at #1 of it's first day of release on the Billboard 200 charts, this is quite possibly one of the most underrated albums I have heard in the past decade. I have listened to a lot of great new albums this year, however; Trespassing stood out to me the most, making it the number album of 2012. Why?  

I really loved how Lambert took an array of risks, but still managed to stay true to his glam rock roots. When it comes to Trespassing, you will hear a different side of Lambert. He isn't as audacious, as taboo like the first album, as this album is more leather and For Your Entertainment is more glitter. Another interesting fact about this album is that Lambert wrote a vast majority of the songs on it, allowing him to prove that he's a real artist and not a commercial one-hit-wonder with ridiculously awesome vocal rock chops.

Trespassing consists of 12 songs. This album also includes 5 additional songs, 3 of which are deluxe edition tracks and 2 that are additional tracks in both the United Kingdom and Japan. The songs on the Trespassing album include:  

1. Trespassing 2. Cuckoo 3. Shady 4. Never Close Your Eyes 5. Kickin In 6. Naked Love 7. Pop That Lock 8. Better Than I Know Myself 9. Broken English 10. Underneath 11. Chokehold 12. Outlaws Of Love  

My favorite song on the album is Runnin (which is a deluxe single track) and best described as #13 on the album. Runnin was written Adam Lambert, David Marshall, Fred Williams, Catt Gravitt, and Robert Marvin. Runnin is an uptempo song crossed into a ballad that talks about someone who is running from life's problems, including running from the things that they love. As the song continues, they begin to realize that choosing to run is not the answer.  

My other favorite song is his current single Trespassing, which was released on the radio on my birthday. Trespassing was written by Adam Lambert and Pharell Williams. Trespassing is the first song on the album and did I mention my current ring, as well as, ring back tone on my phone? Trespassing is an angry fun, uptempo song that exudes freedom. If you can think of Michael Jackson's They Don't Really Care About Us with a glitter spin on it, Trespassing would be the result.

Never Close Your Eyes and Chokehold remain to be my third and fourth favorite from this album.
The reality is, some people are going to love it, whereas; some people are going to hate it. To me, that is the place to be. I don't know about you, but boring music with the same banal story line is overrated. Pop music is all about innovation and making people remember your name. To me, this is what this album epitomizes and this is why Adam Lambert's Trespassing is the number one album of 2012.


Anonymous said…
I am so with you on your comments. I love Runnin' as my favorite. I truly thought is was the best song on the CD. Oh well what do I know?
Anonymous said…
Thank you! Good article about my favorite artist! And I am with you on Runnin' - I think it's an incredible and unique song chocked with mind blowing vocals surrounded by fabulous musical composition.
Amazing article! I love it! It's only a matter of time that people see how incredible Adam Lambert is as an artist.
Anonymous said…
Adam is an outstanding singer. I never had the chance to listen to this album the whole way through. After your article, I went right to iTunes and downloaded the entire thing. I really love the song Nirvana because I find myself singing the chorus of it. I don't think it's his best vocal but, the words are amazing.