Latest hate comment regarding Toni Ingram

Today I received the following message today regarding Toni Ingram. I am going to respond cordially to whoever you are. 

First of all, I have read the police reports, the autopsy reports and even watched the interrogation video with Keenan Vanginkel. I was also able to see other information that is unavailable to the public. 

I believe Mrs. Ingram has every right to question what happened to her daughter, Morgan Ingram. I also believe Morgan Ingram was murdered based on what I have read and observed. There are no inconsistencies, just questions from Mrs. Ingram that haven't been answered. Why are you refusing to accept foul play when there is proof there is?

Riddle me this, how does a 115 pound girl get 7,909 ng of Amitriptyline in her blood when 900-1,000 ng is lethal? How can Amitriptyline be in both her gastric fluids and blood? Why was the ratio of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline so close together in the blood? Why was the horse Amitriptyline kept in the refrigerator at the horse ranch nearby found missing? Why are you saying Keenan was in another state when there is proof he was in Colorado the day and night of Morgan Ingram's murder and death? Answer these questions please. 

And lastly, please tell me how is it unfair? Because I disagree with your suicide theory? Because there is more proof she was murdered? Because I think libeling someone who is deceased and blaming them for their own death is ludicrous?

If you want to respond to this post, you are more than welcome to. But hate messages about Mrs. Ingram and Morgan will not be tolerated. 


Anonymous said…
As for your question about the 7,900ng in blood and how does that amount get into the body when 1,000ng is lethal. I will put it in an example. Say 1 pill would give you 500ng in your blood. And you know if you take more than 2 pills =1000ng it’s lethal and can kill you, and you take 20 pills, well that’s enough to (1) kill you and (2) leave the excess in your system.
Sarah said…
The amount of Amitripyline in her blood was over 6,000 times the lethal dose. And when you look at the Amtriptyline level to Noratriptyline, there isn't a huge gap between the two numbers like there are in her gastric fluids.

7,909 ng of Amitriptyline to 2,833 ng Noratriptyline in her blood stream. 2,287,440 ng of Amitriptyline to 9,431 ng Noratriptyline in her gastric fluids (stomach).

Absorption or not, it is virtually impossible to have over 6,000 ng of Amtritiptyline in her blood stream plus have the ratio so close together. This is why I believe this was a homicide.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
The ratio of Amitriptyline to Noratriptyline in the blood alone was incredibly high, far greater than what would be expected naturally. Moreover, Sarah reported that this same ratio is even closer together when looking at the gastric or stomach fluid sample. This finding is highly suspicious and cannot be attributed to either suicide or an accidental overdose. As a forensic pathologist, I must agree that this strong evidence suggests foul play may have been involved.