GMO-Free List

GMOs (or genetically modfied organisms) are used to create genetically modified foods using various forms of mutagenesis and other genetic modifications. Although eating foods that possess GMO are not radically dangerous, there is evidence that they do play a role in causing an array of problematic health issues later on in life. GMO foods have also been linked to the decline of farmers losing money and benefits.

I know a lot of my readers have told me that they are interested in knowing what food brands do NOT contain genetically modified organisms so I have decided to compose a list of food brands that are non-GMO.


May Wah
Field Roast
Amy's Kitchen
House Foods
Soy Dream
Whole Foods Organic
Trader Joe's Organic
Safeway Organic
Meijer Organic
Whole Soy
Pacific Soy
Soy Delicious
Wild Wood
Bountiful Bean
Organic Valley Soy
Small Planet
The Simple Soyman
Imagine Foods

Bolthouse Farms
Clover Stornetta Farms
Earth's Best
Nature's Path
Mom Made Meals
Garden of Eatin
Bob's Red Mill
Que Pasa
Zen Don
Healthy Times
Blue Sky
Organic Planet
Pure Indian Foods
Eden Foods
Seven Stars Farm

Hannah Max Baking
Cascadian Farms
Quinoa Gold
Frito Lay's Naturals
Annie's Naturals
Tropical Traditions
Kopali Organics
Chippewa Valley
Pacific Village
Gindstone Bakery
Rising Moon
Thai Kitchen
Ian's Natural Foods
Erivan Dairy
Berlin Natural Bakery
Jelly Belly
White Wave
Kirkland Organic
Muir Glen
French Meadow Bakery
Wisconsin Organics
Health Valley Organic
Tradition Miso
Hain Pure Foods
Lundberg Family Farms
Stremick's Heritage
Joseph Farms
Big Island Organics
Rising Moon
Late July
Seeds of Change
Follow Your Heart
Sweet Cloud
Dr. McDougall's Right Foods
Promised Land Dairy
Arrowhead Mills
Outta The Park
Rogue Creamery
Oakhurst Dairy
Carrington Farms
Divine Foods
Barbara's Bakery
Sunridge Farms
Grandma's Best
Harvest Moon
Kettle Chips
Emerald Valley
Simple Sweets
Uncle Matt's Organic
Seeds of Change
Newman's Own
Stonyfield Farms
Oregon Gourmet
Walnut Acres
Grindstone Bakery
Miso Master
Emperor's Kitchen
Purity Foods
San J

This list will be updated sporadically. In the meantime, check out my frequently updated vegetarian substitutes alternatives list.


Anonymous said…
Excellent list! Thank you :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks Sarah!!
Anonymous said…
Great list!
Anonymous said…
I just got done reading the extensive vegetarian list and I must say that it's one of the best lists I have ever seen yet online. Great list of GMO brands!
Anonymous said…
I've heard of Lightlife and have seen it at the grocery store but, never tried it. Sarah, what do you think about this brand?
Anonymous said…
I had no idea that the list of GMO free foods is that huge.
Sarah said…
Lightlife is an amazing brand. They are one of my favorite vegetarian friendly brands. My favorites are the Backyard Grill'n Burgers (one of the best veggie burgers you will ever eat), along with the smart dogs, the organic tempeh, the smart wings, and the deli assortments. If you haven't had the opportunity to try this incredibly flavorful vegetarian alternative, you should seriously do so now.
Anonymous said…
Sounds good!
Anonymous said…
There is a lot of proof that GMOs are bad for you. It is said to produce toxins throughout the body and it's also been said to mess with DNA, so women who are pregnant shouldn't consume any GMO food. It's also said to mess with your immune system and can cause asthma and allergy like symptoms too.
Anonymous said…
Some people are saying that once you eat something with GMO in it, it could possibly be in your system forever. Not sure if this is true but a scary thought I would say.
Anonymous said…
I am so happy that not every soy product on the market is genetically modified.
Anonymous said…
Sarah, those cookie chips you recommended...the Hannah Max Baking ones. I just bought some and noticed that they are GMO free. Thanks for recommending them to me. Not only do the kids love them but so does hubs. I can't believe they are non-GMO. They are fantastic!!
Anonymous said…
Monsanto's farm is very creepy. All of the plants cling together. The superweeds are very creepy. It's very unnatural.
Anonymous said…
One of the best lists I have ever seen yet, if not the best list. I can't wait to see the progress as it is being updated.
Anonymous said…
i'm never eating anything GMO ever again. thanks for the list!!
Anonymous said…
GMOs are horrible and there are so many things wrong with them. I stopped eating them completely and only eat anything that is organic or is labeled GMO free/non GMO.
Anonymous said…
GMOs clump together. Imagine what they do to your insides. Personally I think they are evil and I'm boycotting every single company that uses them.
Anonymous said…
I just read that GMOs stay in the body forever. That is very creepy, if true.
Sarah said…
Anonymous 1:01 - I've added Hannah Max Baking to the list. The cookie chips are amazing, I agree.
Anonymous said…
Sarah, have you tried the recent dark chocolate flavor?
Sarah said…
I haven't tried that flavor yet, but very soon. I bet they would be amazing with Silk's Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, which is also GMO-Free too.
Anonymous said…
That does sound good. I didn't even know Silk was non GMO until I read your blog and then I also saw they started to label all of the products too.