My aunt Carol Reiff has been found dead

Carol Reiff was a mother, a loyal friend, a playful mom-mom, an enthusiastic runner, and a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. Carol lived her life with boundless energy and unmatched integrity. She valued family and enjoyed life. Her friendly and positive outlook attracted friends from all walks of life and she will be missed by so many, including myself.

I hope those who knew her will be comforted by the many wonderful memories she has left as well as the love she shared freely which we all hold so near and dear in our hearts. Today is National Remembrance for Murder Victims. 

As I sit here thinking why anyone would want to murder my aunt, all I can think of is justice. And as angry as I am, there isn't anything anyone can do until that justice is rightfully served. 

Please remember my aunt Carol Reiff and pray for my cousin Dawn Rietheimer-Centanni who tragically lost her mother to murder in late June of this year.