Album Reviews: Savage Gold by Tombs

Tombs is an avant-garde metal band located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. With Mike Hill as the frontman and guitarist, Garett Bussanick on guitar, Andrew Hernandez II on drums, and Ben Brand on bass, they are one of the most exciting bands you will hear this year. Especially if you are into black metal, doom metal, or hardcore music. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to their third studio album, Savage Gold. What did I think?

The first track is Thanatos, which I would describe as death metal with a freakbeat influence. The song is quite haunting in the beginning, but starts to get exciting towards the middle and end. I am really loving the drums throughout this tune.

As I continue listening, I am introduced to Portraits. This song has one of the most exciting beginnings I have ever heard. The guitar parts are one thing, but the drums are ridiculously good. As an uptempo ballad, this is bona-fide death metal at it's finest.

Seance is one of those rock tunes I would describe as exciting yet dark. I could hear this song being played on True Blood. The growls, grunts, and screams delivered by Hill are the most polished than most songs on the album. 

I can feel this album just getting started as I am introduced to Echoes, the fourth track on the album. Hearing this tune, I am getting AC/DC's Razor's Edge meets Epica's Cry For The Moon. This song really proves how talented Tombs is.

Deathtripper is the next song, which I would describe as a hauntingly beautiful experimental metal number. The lyrical delivery is practically flawless in this tune and goes amazingly with the instrumental arrangement. The dark happens towards the middle of the song. This song is my favorite song on the entire album.

This album just keeps getting better. The next tune is Edge of Darkness has quite an infusion. I love the beginning alone, as the drums are epic. As the song continues with various guitar riffs, when Hill comes in, the song pretty much takes off. 

I think I am ready to headbang any second now. The next song, Ashes really conveys what exciting death metal actually is. I love everything from the drum arrangement to the solid guitar parts. This song is crazy good!

Legacy is quite exhilarating. The vocals tend to come in sooner than the other tunes on the album, but the great moments lie within the bridge of this tune. If you listen to the lyrics, they really tell a story.

As I continue listening to Savage Gold, I am introduced to Severed Lives which starts out quite white in terms of metal. Hill delivers regular vocals, then half way through the song he starts growling and screaming making it a dynamic song and wonderful addition to the album.

Track 10 is the final track, Spiral. It is quite exciting and once again, when it comes to experimental and Tombs, the two just go together amazingly. I love the guitar parts, as I love the drums. And with the vocals, this song simply works.

Savage Gold by Tombs will be released on Tuesday, June 10th 2014. Will I purchase this album? Most definitely. Would I recommend this album to a friend? Yes, but only if they are into death metal, doom metal, and hardcore music. For more information about Tombs, please visit today!