Psychic Reviews: Jennifer M. Shaffer

Jennifer M. Shaffer
Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer is a clairvoyant medium, medical intuitive, psychic investigator, profiler, and author. She is also a wife and a mother. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Shaffer on the telephone about life, liberty, and love.

Our conversation started out with us speaking about a case involving parents who lost their daughter in Colorado. Jennifer was able to channel and connect with their daughter who was stalked and then murdered. I mentioned that I wanted justice. As the reading began, Jennifer said she was approached by a young boy named Sam. Sam was a boy in middle school. Sam mentioned that I was nice to him. She also detected other individuals as the reading continued.

I spoke with Jennifer via Facebook before speaking with her on the telephone. She was approached by a spirit who she described as a woman living in the 50s-60s era. When we spoke on the telephone and I questioned my deceased grandmother, the same spirit emerged almost instantaneously. The spirit was my grandmother. Without any knowledge on my side about my grandmother's death, my grandmother was able to tell Jennifer how she died. Jennifer mentioned details that no one would know, unless they were psychic.

Jennifer mentioned white lilies. My mother said my grandmother hated white lilies, but that my mother's name meant "white lily". She proceeded to say that my grandmother was holding a cigarette. My grandmother was a smoker. In fact, she smoked all of the time. How would she have known that? I am not a smoker. She also knew of my grandmother and grandfather's tribulations involving their marriage. She mentioned things that I don't think I would have ever known.

I questioned a few of my ex-boyfriends and she knew the type of individuals they were. Surprisingly enough, one of the guy's that I thought was a bad guy was actually really decent. She was able to project a lot of positive, a lot of good into the reading which was very impressive to me. She made me believe that self-sabotage is going to hold me back and that I need to stop worrying. She detected my issues almost instantaneously, which no one would know unless they had a gift to do so. I tend to keep these feelings to myself, so it was very interesting how Jennifer could detect them amazingly.

She gave me the best advice that I have heard in a long time. It was really refreshing to know because to be honest, it helped me become very much aware of what can and will hold me back in life. She also wasn't reluctant to mention where she sees my future and what she sees me doing. This has allowed me to understand, appreciate, and love life that much more.

My life has been filled with a variety of people walking in and out of it, as it's been filled with animals entering it too. I asked her about my animals and even questioned a few that had run away years upon years ago. She was able to detect what happened to them. One in particular was my second cat's son Simba. It was awkward how every time she would get pregnant she would have just one cat. She was able to tell me how he ran away to be discovered by a little boy and family. She also mentioned he was no longer living.

There were so many fascinating things she said to me that I will never forget. To question "How could she know?" and then to realize she has a gift, a gift that is very rare and only a few human beings have. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with Jennifer M. Shaffer and all of the amazing things she shared with me, therefore; I believe she is 'the real deal' and truly recommend that if you are in need of a psychic, she is the one.

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Anonymous said…
I have been trying to find a psychic for the longest time. I live in Malibu so I am trying to find someone who lives close. This was a great review. I am going to give her a call.