Electronic Music: Adventure Club

Located in the heart of Montreal, Canada lies one of the hottest musical pairs in indie music, Adventure Club. Consisting of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, this dynamic duo creates some of the best electronic dance music you will ever hear.

With fantastic songs such as Gold (featuring Yuna), Wonder (featuring The Kite String Tangle), Crash, Need Your Heart (featuring Kai), and Thunderclap; you can expect Adventure Club to dip their musical creativity into the minds of millions. With over 2 million views on their remix of "Everything To Me" by Lips, Adventure Club is proving that the indie scene in Canada is massive and they are on top of their game.

I first discovered the Adventure Club when I heard their song Gold (featuring Yuna) which is best described as a plethora of rhymic beats, wrapped into an oblivion of melodic trance.

Making their first appearance at the Ultra Music Festival and later at Coachella, their sound is making many waves as part of the indie music persuasion. Coachella is one of the greatest music festivals in the world today and has always been a dream for both Srigley and James, who recently had the opportunity to share their music at the event.

Recently, Jacqueline Rosokoff of TuneCore did an amazing interview with both Srigley and James about their music, which I truly recommend taking the time to check out. What I found most impressive was the fact that these two men are all about the music more so than business. To me, that is what artistry is all about.

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to what Adventure Club is doing next because based on what I've heard so far, we can only expect greatness.

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