8 Easy Snack Ideas For Watching The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is perhaps the biggest day in sports of the year. As everyone gathers at homes watching the big game on the big screen, swearing and pointing at the tube wondering why their favorite quarterback intercepted, it is important to be freshly stocked with snacks and booze to cater to those watching it.

You can't quite seem to come up with any snack ideas, as you do not have a menu planned. So, what do you do? Relax, I have made it relatively easy for you considering I am a huge foodie and love the Super Bowl. So, what are some easy snack ideas for watching the Super Bowl?

Nachos Whether you want to do the traditional Mexican style nachos which consist of tortilla chips, hamburger (and if you are a vegetarian any hamburger alternative will work), seasoning, lettuce, tomato, onion, Monterey jack cheddar, black olives, jalapeƱo peppers, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole or if you want to change them up a notch and try something different like Italian nachos where you use mozzarella and parmesan cheese and sausage instead of hamburger and cheddar, you could do that too. Please note that if you do decide to do Italian nachos, do not make the mistake of adding cilantro, sour cream, and guacamole. Instead use basil, Alfredo sauce, and olive oil.

Mini Cupcakes The Super Bowl is approaching us and as it gets closer, so does the demand for great company and even greater food. One of the best things you can make for any Super Bowl party is definitely mini cupcakes. It is also a lot of fun to decorate these too. Not only are these a lot of fun to make, but everyone who eats them loves them. Last year, I went crazy making about a hundred different varieties of mini cupcakes. I noticed that before the Superbowl was over, I would say five remained out of the many I made. I could not believe it.

Club Sandwiches When you think of a club sandwich...you think of bacon, lettuce, tomato, with your choice of meat, cheese, veggies, condiments, and of course bread. No Super Bowl party is complete without club sandwiches. Every single time I have made these; everyone went crazy and basically ate them all. They are also so diverse, as you can switch them up and change them. Whether you want to make a ham club or a turkey club or even a chicken club, this sandwich is as classic as it gets. If you are vegetarian like myself, you cannot go wrong with making an egg club and using a bacon alternative in place of the bacon. I also love to add extra cheese and use a lot of great veggies too. If you can't think of a great snack idea, you cannot go wrong with this choice.

Funnel Cake Fries

Funnel Cake Fries What do you get when you combine flour, milk, water, granulated sugar, baking powder, vanilla extract, confectioners sugar (or powdered sugar), oil, and a little bit of salt? Funnel Cake Fries. Instead of milk, I used almond milk and for my oil of choice, I chose almond oil. In a large bowl, simply combine all of your ingredients. The consistency should be thick, but not pasty or dry. It should also not be watery. In a fryer, heat your oil of choice for 375 degrees. It's key to cover the spout before placing your batter into the fryer. Fry for about 1-2 minutes. If you like your fries a little crispier, fry them for about 3 minutes. Do not go over 3 though. Place them onto paper towels, garnish with the powdered sugar, and serve. And for all of those vegans, use apple cider vinegar or soy milk as a substitute for eggs. 

Kale Chips Believe it or not, there are many people who are dieting during this time of year and even though some have a "cheat" day, they will not embrace it during Super Bowl. One of the best snacks you can serve at any Super Bowl party is Kale chips. Guess what? They are quite possibly one of the easiest things to prepare. Kale, seasoning, salt, and pepper. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and you are good to go. Whether you are dieting or simply looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional potato chip, Kale chips are the way to go.

Brownie Bites Every Super Bowl party needs something sweet. Every Superbowl party needs something fun. Brownie bites are basically small brownies made using a mini muffin pan. They are not only quick and easy, but incredibly delicious too. Also, once you eat one, you will find yourself wanting a second and even a third, fourth, fifth, etc. I made these last year and they were so popular that they were gone before the Super Bowl was over. Also, the best part of making these is decorating them to coordinate with your favorite football team.

Sliders Miniature burgers always do well at Super Bowl parties. When I had a Super Bowl party last year, I had a lot of fun making these and what I noticed was as soon as I put them out for everyone, they were gone before the Superbowl was over. Whether you want to make the traditional cheeseburger or a chicken club. Whether you want to make a BLT or a fish slider, these are absolutely perfect for any Super Bowl party. If you are creating a slider option for a vegetarian, you cannot go wrong with creating egg salad or using a meat alternative. 

Cheese Balls

Deep Fried Cheese Balls There are so many great fried delectables that are not only easy to prepare, but great to enjoy during any party, especially a Super Bowl party. I noticed out of the many I have made, deep fried cheese balls are always the most popular. They are very easy to make and believe it or not, very quick too. All you need is basically your choice of cheese, flour, egg (and if you are a vegan, liquid tofu and apple cider vinegar), and salt & pepper. Prepare your batter. Then, start your fryer and let it preheat as you form small shaped balls of cheese before dipping them into the batter. As you can see, they are simple yet delicious.

Since my Steelers are not playing, I guess I will watch anyway. Enjoy these easy yet incredibly snack ideas while watching the Super Bowl with your family and friends today because I know that I will.