The best Valentine's Day gifts for Gold lovers

The best Valentine's Day gifts
for Gold Lovers.
Valentine's Day is the holiday of love. Dating back all of the way to the 5th century, this day embraces love in more ways than one. As this day traditionally celebrates the spirit of romance, it is a day where people can exchange gifts, candy, cards and even flowers. Sometimes finding that perfect gift can be hard, but once you discover what your "Valentine" loves, it makes shopping that much easier. When it comes to those who love and appreciate gold, you have quite a few options. Let's face it, as there are many shades of gold, this shade also has many meanings. In fact, gold represents love, passion, compassion, magic, illumination, and even wisdom. The question is, what are the best Valentine's Day gifts for gold lovers?


Gavee Gold's Liquid Gold Peptides is the ultimate gift for every gold lover, especially for Valentine's Day. Infused with actual gold and a plethora of healthy ingredients, this is one of the greatest skin care products you will ever use. It is also the perfect present for anyone looking for an amazing serum/treatment infused with 24K Gold. What is better than that? You can get this amazing skin treat at Gavee Gold for $149.

Are the best things in life really free or are they just made with gold? One of the best beauty gifts you can give for the gold lover in your life this Valentine's Day is definitely the Orogold 24K Caviar Micro-Beads cream. This moisturizer will not only hydrate your skin, but help restore and rejuvenate it too. You can find this cream at Orogold. Infused with an array of healthy ingredients including gold, this $400 face gem is a real winner this Valentine's Day.

Does your wife, fiance, or girlfriend love gold? Do they love makeup? If so, they are going to love the Liquid Gold Face Set from NARS. The set includes a mini Larger Than Life lip gloss in Gold Digger, a full-size Illuminator in Hot Sand, and mini Multiple in South Beach. You can find the NARS Liquid Gold Face Set at NARS or your nearest NARS retailer for $42. If you know a gold lover who appreciates amazing makeup, they are going to love this one.

When it comes to nails, there are so many polishes, topcoats and wraps to choose from; however, there is only one that will make any gold lover's life this Valentine's Day. Valet My Carriage is one of the most beautiful gold glitter topcoats you will ever use. You can wear it alone and build it or simply transform it by applying it over your favorite polish. You can grab this gorgeous glam nail topcoat at NCLA for $16.


When it comes to chocolate and candy, nothing beats Godiva's Gold Ballotin chocolates. They come in a gold box and are wrapped with a gold bow. If you or someone you know loves gold, they are going to not only love these incredible Godiva additions, but appreciate them much more so. Each box comes with an unique assortment of milk, dark, white and Belgium chocolate. Whether you are searching for a creamy praline or simply looking for classic caramel, you will find it in this set. Prices start at $15 for an 8-piece and go up to $130 for a 105-piece. You can grab these deliciously decadent treats at Godiva.

Is there anyone on earth that doesn't love Nutella? Brought to you by the makers of Nutella, the Ferrero Heart Shaped Gift Box is perfect present for Valentine's Day. The chocolate comes in a decorated heart-shaped gold box which are ultimately perfect for every candy lover in the universe. There is so much you can say about these crisp wafers, but nothing says "I Love You" better than this gift. Prices vary; however, one thing is sure, you can find this amazing gift on Amazon.

Valentine's Day is approaching and as the day of love approaches, so does the demand to buy an amazing Valentine's Day gift. Looking for luxury? Look no further, as the Delafee Gold Chocolate Box with the Swiss Antic Collectible Gold Coin set is the perfect present for luxury lovers, including those of you who appreciate this fine element. This set includes 8 individual Swiss chocolates wrapped in 24 karat edible gold. Also to make things more unique, a Swiss gold coin is added directly into the center of the gift, complementing the entire set. The Delafee Gold Chocolate Box with Swiss Antic Collectible Gold Coin set s available at Delafee for $306 CHF (or $315 USD). If you are looking for luxury, this is it.


The California Exotics Golden Jack Rabbit Vibrator features a rotating head, spinning beads and an extra stimulator for maximum pleasure. As this adult toy is made from jelly, it is realistic and delivers true dynamic delight that is discreet. Not only is this waterproof, but a lot stronger than your average adult toy. For under $80, you can grab this adult toy at Adam & Eve. Also, in case anyone decides to answer the door, you don't have to worry, as this toy company embraces privacy.

Whether you are looking to spice up your love life or simply do not have anyone in your life, the Pipedream Icicles Gold Edition Glass G-Spot Curve is the perfect addition to anyone looking for pleasure this Valentine's Day. What makes this toy unique is the fact that you can change it's temperature to fit what you are looking for. You can place it into the freezer or run it under cold water for chilling stimulation or run it under warm water for a realistic feel. You can snag this amazing adult toy online or in-store at your nearest Adam & Eve store. Not only is this hypoallergenic, but shatter resistant making it an amazing toy for this special day.

As one of the newest additions to the Lelo brand, the Tiani 24K is pleasing couples around the world. Using SenseMotion technology, your experience will be enhanced, doubling the pleasure. Infused with a 24K laser-engraved serial number, this toy is quite luxurious and the perfect present for any gold lover this Valentine's Day. This amazing Lelo addition is available at LELO for $399.00; however, for a limited-time only you can get this adult toy for only $199.50. Like all adult toy companies, they offer discreet shipping.

Although pasties were created in an effort to tease in burlesque shows, they are worn a lot at raves and also in the bedroom. Whether you are searching for side gift to spice up this Valentine's Day with your significant other or looking for something sparkly, the Pastease Sweety Gold Glitter Heart pasties will really complement you. Especially if you love gold. You can find these amazing pasties at Pastease for under $10.


Some of the greatest gifts this Valentine's Day are not made of gold, but simply mimic the beautiful element. The Givenchy Small Teardrop earrings come with a 1 1/4" drop with a 1/2" width along with a lever-back closure. Although they are not real gold, they are great for those who are looking to spend under $100 for a gold piece. You can grab these Givenchy gems at Nordstrom for under $40, making them relatively affordable for every jewelry lover looking for a pair of simple yet beautiful gold earrings.

From past to present, let's face it, fashion has evolved. Everyone knows that Valentine's Day needs a little pick-me-up to sort of spice things up. Whether it is with a scantily clad piece of lingerie or classic corset, these types of intimates can be some of the most memorable gifts. One of the best corsets you can get for any gold lover is the Glamorous White and Gold Corset by Daisy Corsets. This type of lingerie takes you back to the past and leaves so much to the imagination too. You can find this amazing corset at Yandy for under $64.

When Rafé Totengco created his classic collection of designer handbags almost 20 years ago, he added an array of accessories into the mix. One of them is the Sara Faceted Shell Minaudiere. Technically a clutch bag, this fabulous addition to the Rafe brand is mosaic and made with mother-of-pearl and chamber nautilus. This handcrafted gem is made with real materials and possesses only long-lasting quality. You can grab this treasure for $790 and it is available at Neiman Marcus.

Aerin Lauder is one inspired woman, as the AERIN Gardenia Flower Bib Necklace is one of the most priceless jewelry pieces you can give this Valentine's Day. Not only does this necklace feature 12 karat yellow gold-plated brass, but hand-cut crystals too. Who knew that Estee Lauder's granddaughter would create some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces in the world. You can find the Gardenia Flower Bib Necklace at Bergdorf Goodman for $750.

The MTech Spring Assisted Knife is made with gold Titanium. Not only is it quite heavy, but it is sturdy too. The blade is also something to appreciate, especially when sharpened. It is the perfect pocketknife and the perfect present for Valentine's Day too. Whether your husband or wife is a knife lover, they will love this. And if they love gold, they will love this even more. You can find this amazingly affordable knife on Amazon.

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