Story Time: Why I voted for Donald Trump

I think all of you are rightfully aware that Donald J. Trump was recently elected as the 45th president of the United States of America. As a citizen of the land of the free and the home of the brave, I am proud to say that I wholeheartedly support Trump as president of the United States. Therefore, I voted for him. 

Why did I vote for Donald J. Trump?

I like what he stands for. He is an outspoken businessman and really wants to fix America on every level. Whether it means establishing jobs for Americans and fixing the ongoing homeless problem, enforcing immigration laws and protecting our country's borders, promoting a strong budget to help strengthen the economy or building a strong reform for healthcare and other benefits. 

My political beliefs and views have changed over the years. I started out as being Independent leaning towards the liberal side of the spectrum shortly before becoming conservative. After looking at every angle of the political spectrum, I realize that I wasn't examining everything fully, but rather, one-dimensionally. 

For instance: I use to be pro abortion, as I believed every woman had the right to choose what they wanted to do with their bodies; however, I learned about a friend of mine several years ago being a product of rape. And another friend of mine who had an abortion and now regrets her decision. I don't believe abortion should be used as a form of contraception; however, a decade ago I use to support this systematic analysis simply because I believed every woman had the choice. 

Granted I believe in free will, as I believe no one has the right to undermine a human's natural right. I am not ignorant and still have friends and family who are democrats and would never support Trump at all. But practically speaking, I also have the right to type this blog post as I have the right to support president Trump and his political views. With that said, I am anxious to see what plans he has for America and the American people. 

It's simple: Trump cares about the American people and wants to do great things to help this country. 

A lot of you are relatively shocked, considering I am an Iranian American woman from California (currently residing in Idaho) and Trump has a reputation for being somewhat audacious, misogynistic, and an overall loose cannon; however, separating the person's non-political past words and actions from their current promises for America and actions has what helped me make my final decision. I like what Trump wants to do for America. 

Hillary Clinton has had many years to make changes. She did nothing. She had many opportunities to make changes as the first lady. Why didn't she do so? As much as I would love for a woman to win, her promises came across as fake. And after watching her testify regarding the 2012 Benghazi attack, I don't think she is American because no American would ever say "What does it matter? He's dead anyway."

I do not think Trump is a predator nor do I see him as someone who has bad intentions. There is no proof he is a rapist either. Trump has always been modestly outspoken with his political beliefs, making him the #1 political hopeful for the presidency.  

Granted Trump has said some terrible things in the past. And although some of you may not overlook them, I think it is time to move forward from his non-political rants simply because he is a man with a voice, a vision, and a message who makes promising claims to better America and the people.

I know many of you who are liberal and/or of a democratic affiliation will come for me regarding my political views, but I am not thinking of myself here. I am thinking of what is best for this country and the people who live here. 

To dictate Trump as a monster simply because he said some fucked up shit in his past is judgmental because you would never want anyone doing the same to you. He is not ego driven nor a megalomaniac, he is simply a man who wants to genuinely help the USA and make America great again.