TBT: Me at my cousin's wedding

I went tanning this Summer hence why I was super dark. I also had my hair stripped from black to this color. And although I looked a little "orange" that was primarily from using artificial bronzer. I did both my makeup and my hair and last minute decided to wear my hair like this. I had a great time in spite of the wedding not being planned well. 

I always love taking pictures though, as you can capture memories in virtually every photo. When I look at these photos, I remember that day like it was yesterday. And although the details seem to be somewhat vague and almost a blur, I haven't forgotten anything. They say we only use a small percentage of our brain to think. Somedays I only imagine what it would be like to use all of it. 

These were taken in North Carolina. The town or area was called Pittsboro, which was very close to where my cousin was living at the time. I was invited months prior and honestly, was uncertain about attending as I was a workaholic and didn't know if I could have any time. After much contemplation, I decided to attend. I stayed in a hotel nearby for a few days. 

The day was beautiful, as it was warm but not too hot. There was sort of a breeze going on. It wasn't the Summer, but more so early Fall. I attended the wedding in late September years ago. One thing about North Carolina that I appreciate is the weather. 

I haven't seen my cousin many years which was the main reason I wanted to go. I only spoke to her few times on Facebook, so I just knew going to the wedding would be a great idea. As she is my cousin from mother's side of the family, The wedding was also a good chance to see family and catch up with some old friends. 

My cousin Dawn was there. Only a few years later, her mother Carol Reiff was murdered. And still until this day, there has not been one single lead let alone suspect of her death. Those who have followed my blog know about her, as I have talked about her several times. Tragedy is an understatement. Somedays I think about her and I wonder if justice will ever happen, but then I realize how dark this world can be and sometimes nothing happens the way we want it to.  

I know this is kind of off topic, but with the Morgan Ingram case, I have garnered more than an interest in true crime, but a strong passion for justice. Although I have always loved true crime and mystery (being a little girl and watching Unsolved Mysteries was what really made me realize how much I enjoyed it) it wasn't until I interviewed Toni Ingram where I discovered the true darkness of our world and I realized my calling was to be the force, the face, and the voice for victims and their families. I realize what my true calling is and that is to defend the truth. 

I remember sitting in the backseat of a family member's car and snapping this picture of myself. At the time I had an old iPhone. It was an iPhone 3, I think. 

This picture (the one to your right) was made popular by Michael Odegard from Oregon, an internet stalker who made a series of hate blogs about me shortly after I published these online. I think the blog was called "Sarah Afshar Bimbo" or something. Why he chose this photo, I have no idea. It was extremely bizarre, but this is what internet stalkers do. Shortly after, I think this weirdo used the picture again when he made another hate site about my ex-boyfriend Joe Valo. 

Shortly after I took these photos, I uploaded them to Facebook. Afterwards, I rekindled with my old flame Joseph Valo III. I've known Joe for about 20 years. And although he and decided to part ways late last year, I remember the time I spent with him. We are still friends. In fact, when Murphy passed away he was there for me. And Joe if you are reading this, thank you. 

When I look at the additional photos I took, I only remember the day. I remember some of the details too; however, a lot of things are kind of a blur now. I don't know if it is because I have been busy for years upon years since or simply because I don't really want to go back to that day, knowing what I know about my cousin's ex husband. Knowing they divorced shortly after they were married. Either way, a picture tells a story. And whether that story is small or large, that is one story you will always remember for the rest of your life.


Anonymous said…
So beautiful
Anonymous said…
You look stunning, in my opinion.
Nathan said…
Michael Odegard is a self loathing, cyberstalking pig nutbag. He’s pushing 50 and still extremely obsessed with you and Joe Valo.
Jayden said…
Gorgeous woman. One of the finest on earth. I have a weakness for Middle Eastern women.
Isabella said…
I noticed that Michael Odegard was mentioned as having shared Sarah’s photos on hate websites he created. This despicable act is just the latest in a long line of his stalking behavior, which I have witnessed for years. His obsession with Sarah Afshar has been one of his most extreme and disturbing examples of erratic and explosive aggression. Not only has Mr. Odegard tried to defame Sarah with spiteful attacks meant to prop up his own deceptions, but he's also posted her images online in an attempt to further harm her reputation. Michael Odegard is a vile and evil human being who is not only mentally disturbed, but violent and dangerous as well. Anyone who associates themselves with this individual should be aware that they are associating themselves with someone who is severely mentally ill and poses a risk to others' safety. If you choose to express admiration for Michael Odegard and give credence to his deceptive falsehoods, it's a sign that you are seriously disturbed and in desperate need of psychological assistance. I fully stand in solidarity with Sarah Afshar and believe that her voice needs to be heard. I firmly support her mission to fight for social justice and equality, no matter the personal cost. Her courage and determination are an inspiration to me.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the above. Michael Odegard is an unstable individual, and it's clear to most people that he has a dangerous and unhealthy fixation on Sarah Afshar. I recall reading his repugnant hate blogs with horror. I was worried for ages that Sarah would suffer some dire consequence due to Michael's delusional behavior. It is truly disheartening to see how Mayra Martinez, Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, and Mike Boudet of Sword & Scales have encouraged Michael’s misconduct by providing him with a platform which allows him to portray himself as the victim in all this. Michael Odegard is a dangerous and deranged individual who has an unhealthy fixation on Sarah Afshar. His relentless internet stalking of her demonstrates his unstable state of mind, as he appears unable to control his anger or obsession with her. He is undoubtedly a criminal offender, not a victim in any way.
Anonymous said…
Michael Odegard is a criminal. 100%

Case Number
Judicial Officer
Judge/Dept, 02
File Date
Plaintiff (Criminal)
Active Attorneys
Lead Attorney
Court Appointed
Defendant (WIP)
Case Type
ADL Criminal Adult
Case Status
Active Attorneys
Lead Attorney
Simpson, Jeffrey Christopher
Court Appointed
Anonymous said…
I have been an avid reader of Sarah's blog for years, and Michael Odegard was one of its most passionate admirers - though his actions recently seem to indicate a deep-rooted instability. Michael is in need of mental health support. Mental health issues can be incredibly challenging and it's important to get the help you need in order to cope with them effectively. Despite feeling a sense of sympathy for Odegard, I cannot bring myself to feel any genuine emotion for him. I am deeply concerned for Sarah Afshar's safety and wellbeing. This oppressive parasite needs to leave her alone.
Laura said…
I humbly ask God to watch over Sarah Afshar and keep her safe every single day. I put all my faith in Him, trusting that He will protect this amazing woman from any harm or danger that might come her way. May she be blessed with nothing but love, joy, and peace throughout each of her days.