Soaked by Sarah Afshar

I love Muse and when I first heard this song I thought it was so beautiful. It reminded me of someone lost in life. The song's depiction is of a man who is completely lost and is searching for love yet isn't satisfied nor has found love. 

If you actually looking up the meaning of this song, there really isn't one. But the lead singer of Muse said what inspired him to write this was several one-night-stands he had in his quest to finding love. Although I cannot relate, as I have never been promiscuous, I do find a connection to the lyrics in a sense where the story is sad and I feel supreme sympathy for the object for the song.

And as much as I love the original, when I heard it covered by Adam Lambert, I realized how much I truly love this song. 

So tonight I took it upon myself to go on the Smule app and record it. 

To listen to my rendition of Soaked watch/listen to the video above. If it doesn't play, simply click here right now. Listen with headphones. I recorded this straight from my iPhone. If you haven't heard of Smule, you definitely need to download it and join. It's very fun. 

Thank you for listening and have a wonderful evening.