I Will Always Love You by Sarah Afshar

I Will Always Love You is probably the most popular Whitney Houston song to exist. She took a wonderful classic which was originally performed by Dolly Parton and made it even more amazing than what it was. 

Granted Parton's rendition is unique as it is her song, Whitney Houston made this song, her own. Truth be told, I was modestly skeptical about touching this one because it's been sung so many times and every time I have heard it, just doesn't compare to Houston's rendition. 

Of course, I will already remember Whitney in her prime before darkness invaded her life. She was a real, tried and true talent and those who bash her are simply jealous because she was one of a kind. Anyways, here is my version:

I decided to go onto Smule and record this song. I know my rendition pales in comparison to Whitney and Dolly's, but I had fun and I love this song in so many ways. To listen to my rendition of I Will Always Love You simply watch the video above. If you cannot hear the video, simply click here now to listen to IWALY. And make sure you are wearing headphones also.

Thank you for listening and have a sensational Saturday night. I know I will as I am going to cook some Persian food. 


Anonymous said…
Beautiful voice.
Anonymous said…
Amazing voice. Beautiful girl.