Without You by Sarah Afshar

When I first heard this song, it was covered by the incredibly talented Mariah Carey. I thought it was so beautiful. Then, I heard the original by Harry Nilsson and my jaw literally dropped. 

 Obviously it is his song, but there was something about his recording of the song that moved me. The song is just beautiful and I know it has been covered a million times; however, I was on Smule earlier and wanted to record it.

When Mariah Carey came out with her version of this, I think I may have been 11 or 12. It wasn't until several years later I heard his version of the song. It is a very beautiful love song with a lot of power. I can relate to this song, as I have a strong connection to this song too. 

I love this song, so I decided to take the initiative and record it tonight. What do you think?

If you cannot hear the video above, simply click here now to listen to my rendition of Without You by Harry Nilsson. And remember to listen to this with headphones on. Supersoul Sunday is in full force, although I am in the mood to sing. What should I record next? Thank you for listening.