Thank you so much Farshid

Thank you so much, Farshid. I am honored to call you family. You are an amazing soul to think of me when you went to Turkey this year. My wonderful uncle Farshid took a trip to Turkey to visit family, friends, and his beautiful girlfriend. He visited several areas including Istabul and Konya, two very beautiful areas of the country. Konya is an older city with a lot of history and is primarily known to be the birthplace of historian and polymath Rumi.

Farshid bought some great gifts for me which consists of Koska Pasha Turkish Delight and Kurukahveci Nuri Toplar Coffee. Farshid knows how much I love and appreciate Turkish food, especially the sweet stuff. I really love Turkish Delight and Turkish coffee is fantastic, especially the amazing Kurukahveci Nuri Toplar Coffee. It's very fine and has a relatively earthy sweet flavor compared to other roasts. 

Farshid is a world traveler and has probably been everywhere in the world. Currently, he resides in Calabasas (California) with my great aunt. Mamnoon baraaye hedyeh. با تشکر از شما برای هدایای ترکیه. Türk hediyeler için teşekkür ederim. Mersi.

I am definitely honored to call Farshid family. And Farshid, if you are reading this (which I am sure you are) thank you so much for thinking of me on your trip and for the great gifts.