Meaning of number 108

The number 108 naturally lies before the number 109 and occurs after the number 107. If you look at the number 108 you will notice quite a few things. It is an abundant number, which means the total is greater than the number itself. And because of this, 108 is a pseudo perfect, a harshad, and a tetranacci number. Additionally 108 is a hyper factional number of 3 and is separated by three forms (1 of 1, 2 of 2, and 3 of 3) which add up to 108 and it is considered a self number, which is a natural number that simply cannot be defined by other natural numbers. 

But what does 108 really mean?

Theologically speaking, this number has a lot of meaning. For instance, when exploring the realm of Hinduism, you will notice that the number 108 represents the pathway to god and goddess. It also symbolizes the names of each individual deity including Lord Krishna and Goddess Baglamukhi. As 108 is a harshad number (which translates to "great joy" in Sanskrit) in Hinduism, the sun is often referred to as a demi-god and heavily related to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is related to 10-8, which equals to 9. With 12 months in an year, if you take 12 times 9, the answer is 108. 

Exploring this number deeper, there are over 50 letters (54 letters to be exact) in the Sanskrit alphabet. With both a feminine form and masculine form of every letter, each letter is doubled. When you add 54 + 54 the answer is 108. And with 108 Goddess names in Hinduism, there were also 108 servants of Lord Krishna. With 108 different styles of meditation, there are also 108 energy lines which align the heart chakra. 

Astrologically speaking, we have almost 30 constellations in our galaxy. I would say about 27. Every constellation has North, South, East, and West (four directions). If you divide 27 by 4, you get 108. This number represents the entire galaxy as a whole. Of those 27 constellations, you will notice that 12 of them are infused with 9 arc segments. When you multiple 12 by 9, your answer is 108.

The sun and earth go together like life and love, as the moon and earth go together like love and happiness. The sun is exactly 108 times the diameter of earth as the average distance from the earth to the moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. When you look at the diameter of the sun it is 864,340 miles and when you look at the actual diameter of the earth it is 7,917.5 miles. The sun is 108 times larger than earth. 

The information I shared is very vital when examining this fascinating number, but the real question remains; however, what does 108 really mean? Is 108 one big energy or a combination of energies that work together to create something bigger? 

When it comes to the number 1, this number has quite a few meanings. This is an odd alpha number which represents the start of something or the beginning of something. When you see the number 1, this means something new is happening to you or will happen to you in the future.

The number 0 is an omega number. which can mean a series of things. The number 0 is associated with a force rather than a face and this number denotes nonexistence and nihility rather than existing. This can also represent a specific change and/or transformation in life. 

The number 8, completing the sequence in 108, holds profound significance as it represents destiny, fate, and karma. Whenever you come across the number 8, take solace in the fact that it is a gentle reminder that certain events are destined to occur. Moreover, this number can serve as a symbolic representation of the path you are meant to traverse in your life's journey.

According to the 1-0-8 method, encountering the number 108 signifies the arrival of something fresh and significant in your life. It suggests that you may be experiencing a new phase, and as a result, an event with the potential to impact either yourself or someone close to you is on the horizon. When you come across this number, it's advisable to pause and reflect for a moment.

Perhaps a big change will happen in your life, which is generally linked to a new beginning in your life? This could be anything from a career change to even a bucket goal change to even a relationship change. This can involve a person, a place, or even a thing. And this will all happen because of your fate or karma, as you are destined to make the change that awaits you. 

Individuals associated with the number 108 are often characterized by their open-mindedness, compassionate nature, elegance, sophistication, and dignified behavior. They tend to possess philanthropic tendencies and exhibit care towards others. Moreover, they are known for their strong will, unwavering commitment, loyalty, intuition, and determination.

Seeing the number 108 can also represent personal freedom with a clean slate or a second chance at life. If you or even someone close to you is expecting a miracle after something traumatic happened to you or something happened to them or something happened in your life at some point, seeing the number 108 is definitely letting you know that you have the freedom to let go of that trauma and move forward. It is letting you know that your time of dark time is over. 


Very interesting break down of a number I had previously not considered! Thanks for the interesting read :)!