Beaverhead County Fair 2011 Kicks Off on Tuesday, August 30th

On Tuesday, August 30 th through Monday, September 5 th 2011 Dillon, MT will have their annual Beaverhead County Fair. It is the biggest weekend that Beaverhead County has ever seen, as it is one of the most exciting weekends in Montana. It gives many people the opportunity to have a great time, as it brings nothing, but fun and excitement. There are no other places that hold such a huge Labor Day weekend as this one. This amazingly fun fair is located at the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds, which is located in Dillon, MT. Admission to get into the Beaverhead County Fair is only $5, however; once you receive the button, you are guaranteed to use it for the entire week.

Before the actual Beaverhead County Fair takes place on the 30 th of August, there are an array of deadlines, as well as, shows and contests that need to be meant. For instance, those that intend to enter your livestock into the fair must do so on Monday, August 15 th at 5 pm. On Monday, August 22 nd at 8 am the Beaverhead County and Melrose 4-H Show will be head at the Harry Andrus Arena. On Wednesday, August 24 th at 3 pm the 4-H will hold it's Small Animal Skill-A-Thon. On Thursday, August 25 th at 6 pm, the Open Class Dog Obedience Show sponsored by the 4-H will be held.

Another reason to love the Beaverhead County Fair is the fact that you can enter an array of things into the Fair. On Tuesday, August 30 th from 10 am until 8 pm, all open class entries will be accepted into the fair. This only includes non-animal entries. The entries can include everything from art to food to photography to sewing to posters, and much more. For more information, please call: (406) 683-3785 or (406) 683-6836. What I love most about the fair is the fact that you can see an array of animals that range from goats and sheep to chicken and ducks to rabbits and horses to even cattle and much more throughout the entire Beaverhead County Fair.

My favorite thing about the Beaverhead County Fair is the carnival sponsored by the Thomas Carnival Company. On Thursday, September 1 st through Sunday, September 4 th be prepared for the actual carnival, which allows you to not enjoy some of the hottest rides for both adults and children, but play array of games and enjoy some of the finest carnival food that the Beaverhead County Fair has to offer. Advance sales in wristbands are available starting Monday, August 15 th . Prices vary per ride, however; you can get specials which allow you to pay $20 for unlimited riding.

The fair has a huge vendor following, as there are numerous businesses located on the walkway towards the carnival. You can purchase almost everything. The food selection is as diverse as the individual who eats it. You can find food of just about every cuisine at the Beaverhead County Fair, including food that is not regularly available in Beaverhead County. A lot of small businesses from all around the world (yes world) come to enjoy the fair and sell their products and/or services.

There is a fun karaoke contest sponsored by an array of businesses which gives fair goers the opportunity to win $1,000. It is held by Boots Country and hosted by both Boots and Harvey Lake. The contest starts on Wednesday, August 31 st through Friday, September 2 nd . It starts at around 10 pm. It costs about $10 to enter. The money goes towards the $1,000 prize. Each night, there are an array of winners picked. Each winner, then, goes onto the next round to compete for the $1,000 prize. 

With everything from team roping to ranch sorting to stock horse shows to even a variety of rodeos, Dillon Montana is the place to be on Labor Day. The Dillon Jaycees Rodeo starts at 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 3 rd and 1:30 pm on Sunday, September 4 th . The Dillon Jaycees Concert welcomes Craig Morgan, who will perform at 8 pm on Sunday, September 4 th . For more information about the rodeo, as well as, purchasing tickets to see Craig Morgan, please call: (406) 683-5771.

The Labor Day parade in Beaverhead County is one of the biggest Labor Day parades I have ever seen. It is held on Monday, September 5 th at 10 am. On that same day is the Big N' Rich Jackpot which is held at the Badly Scattered Cattle Company Arena at 2 pm.

For anyone looking to enjoy an amazing time, I truly recommend attending the Beaverhead County Fair in Dillon, MT, as it is destined to be one of the best Labor Day weekends in the United States.


Matt said…
This contest is rigged. They always pick bad singers. I tried out in 2007 and the guy with the worst voice ever made it to the finals. Some old dude butchering Johnny Cash.
Anonymous said…
One Word - RIGGED!! The people they pick as judges are the people that hang out at that white trash dive bar The Moose and they always choose people that frequent the bars no matter how bad their voice is.
Anonymous said…
What are you talking about? The karaoke contest or the fair contests?
Anonymous said…
Matt said…
The karaoke contest